Survivor, The Amazing Race, and others

Lots of returning and new TV shows will premiering new episodes  the next few weeks, including new seasons of Survivor (Wednesday, September 23rd) and The Amazing Race (Friday, September 25th).    Can’t wait for both of these shows to return.

For Survivor, usually, I am not a big fan of returning players, but I am actually pretty excited to see this season.  I am intrigued to see what happens when all the players are past contestants.   Will be very interesting to watch.   As in the past, I have avoided almost all internet feeds and chatter since last season ended, and will simply enjoy watching the show each week as it airs.   I got upset in the past with all the people posting spoilers and ruining the enjoyment of the show.

Also excited for another trip around the world with The Amazing Race.   Nothing beats settling down on a Friday evening with my wife and daugher for some quality time together watching the teams travel around the world

Next Wednesday is also the season finale of Big Brother.   Been another enjoyable season, although I really don’t like Vanessa and can’t believe she made the final 3.   Been rooting for anybody to get her out the past few weeks.    Of the final 3, I’m rooting for Steve and hope he is able to win it all.

I will be voting for Meg and James to win the 25,000 Favorite House Guest prize

Big Brother Fan Vote

There are a few new shows that look kind of interesting, so I set my DVR and will give them a chance – Limitless on CBS and BlindSpot on NBC.      Im sure there are a few more that will peek my interest

And finally, next Sunday is the 2 Hour CSI Finale.  Sucks the show is ending as it has been one of my favorites, and I looked forward to watching every week.

CSI Bids Farwell

Big series between the Mets and Yankees this week at Citi Field.   As long as the Mets don’t get swept, they should be able to clinch a play-off spot without having to take things down to the final 3 games against Washington.   While I’m 99% confident that this years team will not collapse as in the past, there still is that small ounce of doubt that the Mets will somehow find themselves having to win the last game of the season to get in, bring back memories of 2007  and Tom Glavin getting pummeled by the Marlins as the Mets season came to an abrupt end.

Mets lose to Marlins to end 2007

Nothing more to say about the NY Giants and last week’s debacle against the Cowboys other than to move on with the season and beat the Falcons on Sunday

Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next few months including the next Philly Non Sports Show, a Marina and the Diamonds concert and hopefully some NY Mets Play-Offs



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