Mets / Genesis Update

The is getting to be fun.   The Mets continue to win and at this point, they are favorites to win the National League East.   A 6 1/2 game lead with 35 games to go should be enough.  Will be a change watching / rooting for the Mets through the beginning of the football season.  In past seasons, once the Giants started their season, the Mets would become an afterthought.   Also the way the team is made up (with the likes of Uribe, Johnson, Conforto, and Wright) off the bench instead of the lesser John Mayberry Jr, Eric Campbell, Darrell Ceciliani, and others they are never out of a game.

Really enjoying the ride and hope it continues into October and November.  Stay tuned

Talking about Football, the Lehigh Mountain Hawks open their 2015 season next Friday with a road game against Central Connecticut State.  Hopefully they can rebound after last years disappointing 3 -8 season including getting crushed at Yankee Stadium for the 150th Game

Lehigh Mountain Hawks 2015 Schedule

Still making my way through all the Genesis albums (mostly on Apple Radio). I’m up to album 11 “Abacab” and have really been enjoying seeing how the band has changed and evolved.   There is a big difference between the early albums and the later ones.   Overall, Genesis is an awesome band, well deserving of its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Staying on the topic of music,  here are 2 music videos for songs that popped into my head on the way to work.

The 1st “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” by Chris De Burgh was always a favorite of mine

The 2nd “St Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” by John Parr is from the soundtrack of one of my all time favorite movies.   Make me laugh and cry everytime I watch it

Lots of things planned for the next few weeks up to the much needs Labor Day Weekend Holiday.    After that, we get into the new TV Season (Already looking forward for the return of Survivor and The Amazing Race, as well as Homeland and The Affair on Showtime)

Hope all is well



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