Let Go Mets

Even I have to admit that I was wrong and Terry Collins is doing a very good job managing the NY Mets this season.  There were numerous times when this team could have folded like previous years but he managed to keep a positive attitude.   Once management made the moves to bring in Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe, Tyler Clippard, and Yoenis Cespedes, Terry was able to get the team to believe they had a legitimate shot at the play-offs.   Should be lots of fun the next few months.

Decided to give Apple Music a try (3 month free membership).    Between all of my old CD’s,  SiriusXM (I’m a subscriber), Pandora and other free music streaming apps, I have plenty of music to listen to, but the thought I would give it a try based on the fact that my family and I could simply play any song we wanted at any time (As long as it’s available).. Once I signed up, the 1st thing I decided to do was listen to every Genesis Album in order.   Always liked Genesis (mostly from the 80s and 90s) but would hear people say their best stuff was the early albums with Peter Gabriel.

Wiki – Genesis Discography

So far, I’m up to  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and have been really enjoying listening.  The 1st 2 albums sounded like other 60s psychedelic rock songs, but after that they started to get more progressive, and really show off their musical skills.   Some really great stuff that I will definitely revisit once I get through everything

If anybody has any suggestions of  other bands I should check out from beginning to end, let me know.

My suggestion to you would be the UK band Marillion going back to Script for a Jester’s Tear

Wiki – Marillion Discography

On other music notes,  Iron Maiden have released the 1st single from their upcoming album The Book of Souls.  The album was actually recorded a year ago, but lead singer Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his tongue.  He has since been given a clean bill of health and the band will tour in 2016

Wiki – Iron Maiden Discography

On TV, still watching “Big Brother” and enjoying another great season.  Last nights eviction show was moved to 11:30 PM due to NY Jets pre-season football here in the NY area so will have to catch up this weekend.   At least CBS updates there scheduling for this so my DVR picks up the change.  In past years I would be ready to watch and realize the DVR recorded the football game, and having to watch Big Brother either On-Demand (Low Def with Commercials), or on the CBS website.

I am also watching “Mr Robot” and although it has had some ups and downs, I am really enjoying it.    Have always likes Christian Slater (going back to Heathers) and he is weird strange self in this

I’ll  end today’s post with the Theatrical trailer for the movie “Sky Riders”, one of my favorite movies as a kid.   Will try to come up with some more of my favorites in upcoming posts

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