Another Friday

Hope everybody had a good week and has a great weekend

Was talking about movies during lunch, about how each generation has movies that they’re nostalgic about, and how most remakes are never as good as  the originals.    I can relate to originals such as “The Karate Kid”, “Footloose”, and “The Bad News Bears”, but not to the remakes of the past few years.   While stories can be re-told over the years and people enjoy them, it’s to innuendos and small things that make a movie.   Most remakes just don’t have the soul of the original.

During the conversation, mentioned old car racing movies such as “The Cannonball Run”, and one of my all time favorite movies “The Gumball Rally”

The Gumball Rally Wiki Page

I must of watched this movie a 100 times when I was a kid.   While I am not a big car person, I always wanted a Porsche like the one in the movie.

Gumball Rally

1969 Porsche 911 E Targa in The Gumball Rally

Switching gears, I went to the U2 Concert last Monday a Madison Square Garden in NYC.   The band put on a great show as always   I have seen most of U2’s Tours over the years, starting with the Unforgettable Fire Tour in 1985.  I had a great time, got to see them play Two Hearts Beat as One, which they haven’t played in a long time, and got to hang with a friend of mine.

Here are some pictures of the show


U2 Madison Square Garden – July 27th, 2015


U2 Madison Square Garden – July 27th, 2015


U2 Madison Square Garden – July 27th, 2015


U2 Madison Square Garden – July 27th, 2015

U2 Madison Square Garden – July 27th, 2015

Found this great site –   Has setlists for most artists going back years and years.   I can spend hours going through old setlists of concerts I have attended to over the years, including the 1st ever concert I attended (Scorpions / Fast Way at Brendan Byrne Arena in 1984) – Scorpions @ Brendan Byrne Arean 1984

Should write something about the NY Mets but will hold off until next week (after the MLB Trade Deadline, and the big 3 game series against the Nationals at Citi Field.   Hopefully this weekend is a lot better than the past 2 days (Cancelled trade, clueless manager, crazy loss in the rain).    With all the issues, this season has been fun and I’m hoping they can stay relevant for the rest of the season.

Finally,  almost caught up with Big Brother  (took a week off of watching as my daughter was away, and it’s now one of her favorite shows).   Half of me is mad for getting her hooked on the show, while the other half is really enjoying the time we spend watching together.

Have a great weekend, do something fun, and will write again on Monday



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