Friday in July

It’s been awhile since my last post.  I should write more, but sometimes I just don’t have much to say

Was listening to the James Altachur podcast, and he had on Gabriel Weinberg who created the search engine

James Altucher Show – Gabriel Weinberg

So I went to the site and tried it out.   1st thing I searched for was Marillion.    Gave me the link to there official page ( and some other good links

Next I searched for “The Bad News Bears” (just popped into my mind).   Gave me a like to the imdb page for both the original movie (a all-time classic) and the remake that was not really needed.  Also gave me a line to the  Bad News Bears Wikipedia page

The Bad News Bears Wiki

Don’t think I have ever looked at this (which is crazy since I am a huge fan of the film, and the just as good sequel “Bad News Bears in Breaking Training”).    Lots of great information and  I will definitely be bookmarking this for future reference

Finally searched for Barry Williams, Brady Bunch.   Got a link to one of my favorite books (Growing Up Brady) on amazon, as well wikipedia links for the Brady Bunch and Barry Williams himself.   Did not see a link to the Peter  Gabriel track “The Barry Williams Show”.    Had to go to youtube for that

Gotta run

Will write more soon (promise)



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