Happy 4th of July

Hope everybody has a great holiday weekend.  Take some time and spend it with family and friends.    Forget about work and any nagging issues for a few days

Was surprised a happy to see Culture Club performing on the TODAY show this morning.   Boy George can still sing with the best of them

Culture Club on Today Show (07/02/15)

Last nights Mets game against the Cubs was hard to watch.   I am not sure what I would do to get the team out of the current funk, but would definitely do something.  Just to change the current attitude.   Not sure if something like getting rid of the hitting coach would help, but it may be worth a try.   Im still not sold on Terry Collins being the long term manager, so would consider letting him go, again, more to just change the attitude of the team.   I am happy that as of now, upper management are not considering trading the young pitchers.    I would rather they pick up some decent utility players (who should be able to be picked up relatively cheap – Something the Yankees have done for years)

I am willing to wait until the All Star Game, but if they don’t make some kind of move by then, it will quickly become Football Season for NY Mets Fans which would be a shame for the young pitchers, and the few players like Daniel Murphy who have been around for a while and should be given the opportunity to win

Finished “The Martian” by Andy Weir.   One of the best books I have read in a while.   Really well written, and kept me on the edge of my seat.   I had avoided the trailer for the movie coming this fall (Starring Matt Damon).   For those of you who want to watch, here it is

While on vacation, saw in the paper (I am one of the few who still enjoys getting a paper in the morning), that President Obama would be on the Marc Maron Podcast

Marc Maron Podcast

I listen to podcasts, but have never listened to this one, so I thought I would give it a listen.  I really enjoyed the interview. It was very interesting to hear the president in this format.  He sounded very personal and down to earth.

Finally, Big Brother is back on CBS, and I am enjoying it again.  There is something about it that I find intriguing.    Will write more about it as the season progresses.

Thats it for now.

Happy 4th of July Holiday, and will catch you on the other side



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