And away we go

Finishing up a Friday before going on a much needed vacation next week.   Will be staying somewhat local for the 1st time in a while.    Usually head down south (Hilton Head Island, or Rehoboth beach in Delaware).   This time it just down the Parkway to the Jersey shore.  Looking forward to relaxing for the week.    Looking forward to having family and friends come by and join us throughout the week.

The NY Mets continue their strange season.  In years past, the were horrible at home but played decent ball on the road.  This year they are playing great at home, but just awful on the road.  Getting blown out by Pittsburgh a few weeks back, and Toronto the past few weeks takes away all the good they have at home.    I hate to really complain since they are in 1st place, but will they be able to keep things up in the 2nd half.   And if terry Collins the long term solution.  I dont think so, so at some point the will need to decide if they want to go for it this year (keep Collins and look to add some veteran players) or give up on the year and get rid of Collins and bring in a new manager).   Time will tell

See that the Amazing Race will again be doing a live send off for next season.   This time it’s in LA instead of NYC

The next adventure begins Monday in CA! Join us at the Venice Boardwalk Graffiti Wall to send off the teams starting @ 8am PT.

Still mad at myself for not making it to NYC for the live send off last year.   Yes it was at 3:00 AM EST, but still should have made the trip.  Hopefully next time the start the Race in NYC, AverageAndy will be there as a contestant.  (Have applied with my sister, still waiting for the call  🙂

Sat down to watch Wayward Pines last night, and realized it wasn’t on because FOX has the US Open Golf and it’s on in Prime Time from Thursday – Sunday.   I actually like the idea of having the Golf on in prime time and thinks it will be fun to watch Sunday night.   Not sure if I like Joe Buck doing the golf.  I do like him for both Football and Baseball, but this might be too much.    Almost feel like FOX should have given somebody else a chance (Same with Curt Menefee – Let him do the football pre / post game shows, and get somebody else to do golf)

Looks like I might not be alone

Early thoughts on FOX / FOX Sports 1 US Open Golf Coverage

More to come…



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