Another great season of Survivor

Congratulations to Tony Vlachos for winning this season of Survivor  (And props for him being from the great state of New Jersey)

I really enjoyed this season.  Was the 1st season in a while where most of the contestants were average people with a passion for the game.  They really wanted to be there and to win the 1 Million Dollars (In the past there have been a bunch of contestants who seem more interested in being on TV, or trying to advance a career).   Was very refreshing to see somebody like Sara actually break down and cry when she was voted off.    And loved how Spencer basically said it was a disappointment not getting to the finals.

Not sure how I would feel getting voted off before the final, (or similarly not making it to the final leg of the Amazing Race).   Would I be happy for the opportunity,  or bitter for not completing my dream.   Hopefully I will have the opportunity one day to see.  Working on my next audition video and will submit it soon for consideration.

I actually enjoyed the way CBS  handled the live finally this time, with Jeff Probst giving some live behind the scene shots during the 2 hour finally.   As for the show, like the final 2 instead of the final 3.  Gives the players some extra strategy decisions.

I am hoping they bring back the walk of remembrance in future episodes.   Like the reflection the finalist give to past players.  Also gives me a chance to remember some of the players a little better then simply seeing them at the reunion

All and all, another fine job by CBS, Jeff Probst, Mark Burnett, and all involve in making Survivor the king of all reality shows

Now to the NY Mets.  What a tough team to read.  They get good starting pitching, and look good for a few days, but in reality they are not a good team.  They are one of the worst hitting teams of all time.   An it seems that when ever somebody does hit, dopey Terry Collins sits him to get players like Bobby Abreau or Wilmur Flores some at bats.  Stop already.   Put your best players out there and let them play.  As far as the outfield, I know they paid Chris Young a bunch, and promised him at bats, but he is the odd man out and needs to be treated that way.  Play Eric Young Jr, Jaun Lagares and Curtis Granderson every day and see what happens.

Will write more tomorrow as we get ready for Memorial Day and the start of summer









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