Friday Update

Been busy with work the past few weeks.  Sorry for not writing sooner

Hard to beleive its the last day of January already.    It is getting lighter when I leave work, making me think about spring, which is a good thing

Just started the new Dean Koontz book ‘Innocence’ Been a while since I have read one of his books and am really enjoying it.    He has written some great books over the years including “Watchers”, The Odd Thomas series, and one of my all time favorites “Strangers”.    Here is a link to all of his books;
Check him out next time you are looking for interesting story with a supernatural twist

Have a few more books I am looking forward to by some of my favorite authors like Clive Cussler and John Grisham that should keep me going for a while.    Also going to  read Let the Devil Sleep, Book 3 of David Gurney by John Verdon.  Really liked the 1st 2 books

As far as music, the new Transatlantic album ‘Kaleidoscope” has just been released.  Going to pick it up soon, and also try to see them in concert in february in Philadelphia or NYC.   the band features Pete Trewavas of Marillion on base, and is a mix of prog-rock and pop.

Enjoying the new Boston album that was released late last year.   Looking forward to seeing them on tour this summer.   Always a great show.

Also getting closer to the Paul Simon / Sting concert at MSG in early March.   bought tickets a while ago, and looking forward to this show.    Might be a bit dated for some, but both these guys are all time great musicians, so should be an awesome show

On the new music front, I must admit that I don’t mind One Direction, and actually like a few of there songs, including their latest “The Story of My Life”.   I also enjoyed watching the Grammys this year and though the highlight was Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder doing “Get Lucky”

Amazes me some time when people will only listen to one style of music (i.e. Classic Rock) and think everything else is just noise.  Not saying you need to like everything (Don’t get Beyonce / Jay Z / Drake) but sometimes its refreshing to hear something outside of your comfort zone.

Lastly, been really enjoying watching speaches at  Wtched some really intersting ones on work, memory, education, and one about a guy who decided to make a video of 1 second a day, evey day, for the rest of his life.

Thats it for now.  Will write nxt week on my take on the Superbowl, and maybe get into a little preview of Mets baseball 2014.


PS – watched “The Family Man” with Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni the other night.  One of my all time favorite movies and highly recommended.


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