1st Post of 2014

Welcome to 2014.

Woke up this morning and realized i have not written a blog entry in a while.   When I logged on I was even more shocked to see how long it has been.  Where does the time go

On the sports side of things.   Getting ready for the SuperBowl.   Living in NJ, its hard to go a few hours without hearing about the big game.   I have tried to tune out all the talk and discussions the best I can.   Without the Giants, don’t really care who plays or who wins.  And nobody has any control over the weather, so if its cold, its cold.  The game will be played and people will watch.

Lehigh hoops is having a tough year.  Lots of close losses has put them at 8 – 10.   With the Patriot League expanding this year with the additions of teams like Boston University and Loyola, not sure if they are good enough to make a run at an automatic bid.  But you never know, so best of luck going forward

Rally have no feeling on the NY Mets this year.  Like the addition of Curtis Granderson, but it will really come down to getting of to a good start, and having pitchers like Wheeler and Gee having a good season.     Im still not that sure that Terry Collins is the right manager for this team, but we shall see

In the world of TV,  have to say that CSI is still a great show.  All these other shows come and go, but CSI constantly delivers every week.   From William Peterson to Laurence Fishburne, to Ted Danson, it just feels like a real transition.

Was surprised about “Almost Human”.   Started a bit slow, but has some good elements and will continue to give it a shot.   I am also enjoying the Black List.

Watched the 1st episode of intelligence and that was enough for me.  Jury is still out on Helix.

And surprisingly, I enjoyed the return of American Idol.  Not sure if its much watch like in years past, but will definitely keep and eye on it.

Premier dates for the next seasons of The Amazing Race and Survivor have been announced.   Already find myself getting psyched.

I check the cbs.com website regularry for info on applying and for open casting calls.  Nothing new listed for the NY area as of now, but when there is, Average Andy will once again give it a try.   Gotta keep dreaming

As for movies, watched “The Way” with Martin Sheen the other night.   What a great movie.   Gotta give credit to Emilio Estevez for an excellent job of both directing and writing.  Always been a big fan going back to “The Breakfast Club” and his great performance in “St Elmos Fire”.

Also watched “Flight” with Denzel Washington and really enjoyed it.  Not what I was expecting.

Thats if for now.  Will try to write soon on topics such as Books and Music in the next week or so

Stay Strong and Carry On

Average Andy




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