Lehigh Mountain Hawks – 2012 Patriot League Champions

Congratulation to the Leigh Mountain Hawks for beating the Bucknell Bison in a thriller to win the 2012 Patriot League Championship and gaining an automatic bid in the NCAA Championship.

This is the 2nd time in 3 years the Brown and White will see their name on the big board.

Looking forward to filling out my bracket with the Engineers going all the way (hey, why not dream big).

Combined with the success of the 2011 Football Team (making it to the 3rd round of the NCAA Play-Offs) its been a fun ride for me as an alumni and a fan


Can’t really explain what I saw last night on Survivor.    Almost seems made up for the men’s team to voluntarily give up immunity.   If I was on the island, there is NO WAY I would have agreed to give the immunity idol away.    Seems now there are a lot of players who are simply looking for their 15 minutes of fun and sun (not even sure if they are looking for fame).   If they get voted off, oh well, I got a free vacation.   Its becoming sort of sad.

They need to find more players who really want to win (Average Andy comes to mind) .   As much as I disliked Russell Hantz in his later seasons (I actually liked him his 1st season), there is no way he would have agreed to give up that idol.   They would have had to pry the immunity idol from his dead hands.   Any Boston Rob would have looked at all those yahoos and simply laughed and walked away

It will be interesting to see where this goes.    My bet is that that dope Colton is gone in a few weeks (maybe even next week).

I really need to work on writing more.   I’m trying to find the time

Hope all is well out there




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