looks like my torch has been snuffed

Sorry to say that Average Andy did not get selected for the next few rounds of Survivor.     Will have to submit another Video when they open up the auditions again.   Looks like the same for the Amazing Race.

Still enjoying both shows.  Loved watching the men blind side each other last night.    I still feel that I would have a great chance to win (or at least go far).     Seems to many people are too quick to join alliances, and don’t know when to let go.   I give props to the guy last  night who kind of switched his alliance when confronted with the choice.  Kept him alive a few more weeks

Lehigh took care of Colgate in the 1st round of the Patriot League Basketball Play-Offs last night.  Next is a showdown on Saturday against American University.     The winner moves on to the finals next Wednesday.   Lehigh has set team records for wins (24 and counting).   Seems sort of unfair that they probably will not even be considered for the NCAA tournament unless they win the League championship, while they will argue over the 8th or 9th place team in some of the so-called major conferences.    Time to give the little guys a shot.    I bet the (and fan interest) would be better for a Lehigh / Kentucky 1st round game than any game with some mediocre ACC or Big East team

Spring training is underway and Average Andy will soon be selecting his fantasy baseball teams for 2012.   Check back at the end of the month for my teams and analysis of how my drafts went

Gotta run

Keep on smiling




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