End of another week

Another week gone by.

Finally recovered from the NY Giants loss lasts Sunday.   Have mixed feelings as they played an awful game (but still had a chance to win at the end).    A win would have been big since the schedule only gets tougher in the 2nd half of the season.

Completed the Califon Bridge to Bridge 5K a few weeks back in under 30 Minutes.   Felt good to accomplish one of my goals.   Already looking forward to next year.

As for Reality TV News;

Submitted my application for Survivor.    Will continue to submit my application  each time until the producers see the light and bring AverageAndy in for an interview.    Whatever happens after that is out of my control (Although once they get to meet me personally, there is now way I will not be considered)

Still watching the show each Wednesday.    Never gets old.   Loved the challenge with the roasted pig this week.   There are a few people this season who seem never to say or do anything.   Not sure if this is simply editing, or they are just duds.   I can guarantee you that AverageAndy would not be a dud if I were on the show.

Also enjoying this season of the Amazing Race.   Seems like they made the challenges more difficult (not physically, but mentally).   Will be getting my Application in (with my sister) in November.

As for regular TV, am really enjoying Ted Danson on CSI.

Am also starting to enjoy Person of Interest and Unforgettable.    Have tuned out of Terra Nova (way to clichéd)

Will be rooting for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks to continue their winning ways this week when they take on Fordham this week.   A win will put them at 6 -1 (2 – 0) and looking good for making the play-offs for a 2nd straight year

Hope everybody is doing well and looking forward to a fun and exciting fall.

Halloween will be here soon (Don’t forget to play the Helloween classic “Halloween on the 31st), and then just a few weeks after that until the annual trip to the Peculiar Pub in NYC.   I believe this will be the 20th anniversary  so maybe I will try and put together something a little special this year

Keep on smiling




About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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