As we head into October

Average Andy has lots of stuff planned for the upcoming weeks.

On Sunday, I will be running in the Califon Bridge to Bridge 5K (2nd year).   Looking forward to seeing how much (if any) I improved from last year.   The weather should be nice (a little chilly) but should be a fun day.

Will be attending the Philly Non-Sports Card show on October 23rd  (  Always a fun time.  Lots of changes in the Non Sports Card Hobby over the past year (Most noticeably the movement towards premier packs instead of the standard boxes).  Not sure quite yet where I stand on this.   Hopefully after the show, I will have a better idea

Looks like October will be a great sports month.     The Giants have won 2 in a row, and look to keep the momentum going against Arizona this Sunday.    The Baseball play-offs start tonight (Without the Red Sox again;  I am upset they played so poorly down the stretch).   Will be rooting for the Tigers to beat the Yankees.    Also Lehigh Football continues their season against Yale on Saturday.  This is their last game before conference play begins

Both Survivor and Amazing Race are off to good starts.     I never get tires of watching.     Applications are currently  being accepted for both shows, (As always, AverageAndy will be submitting his).    Wish me luck.   As always if anybody out there reading this has an in, or knows somebody who may be able to help, be sure to pass my info on

On a completely different topic, had a good discussion with a friend last week on the value of going to college.  We decided that if you like the idea of the College Experience outside of academics    i.e  social life, sports; campus then by all means a major university is for you.   But if you are strictly looking to learn, you would be much better off going to a Community College where you could better concentrate on you studies.    With the insane cost of College these days, you really need to determine what you are looking for before making a decision.

Will be back soon with reviews the new /old TV series that I have been watching.    Nothing earth shattering so far this year,  hoping that something gets me going

Keep on Dreaming



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