Lots of little things

I have had a hard time recently getting motivated to update my blog. There were a bunch of stories I wanted to post about, but every time I thought about writing, I would tell my-self, not now, tonight, or not tonight, tomorrow

Finally decided to dive in, so here are a bunch of little things that got my attention over the past few weeks

RIP David Crosby (1941-2023) – While not the biggest Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young fan, I really enjoyed all there music over the years. Great songs with harmonies made them a easy listen. You know they’re good when your 22 year old daughter has some of there songs on her play-lists.

Somehow I came across the video from one of my original crushes, the great Debbie Gibson. Have to admit, I actually cut a hole in my jeans, and drew a smiley face on my knee way back when. Great memories of the 1980s and listing to “Out of the Blue” and “Electric Youth”

Here are some of the Television Shows I have been watching the past few weeks

Jack Ryan (Season 3) (Amazon) – Really liked this season

CSI: Las Vegas (Season 2) (CBS) – Glad they brought the show back and hoping is back for another season

Shrinking (Season 1) (Apple TV) – Always been a fan of Jason Segal, and when you through in the great Harrison Ford it makes for a good show.

The Expanse (Season 1) (Amazon) – I know I’m late to the party, but have heard its a really good show, so going to give it a try

Accused (Season 1) (FOX) – One of my favorite new shows. The 1st three episodes have been some great television. Hope they can keep it up. Highly recomended

The Last of Us (Season 1) (HBO) – Really enjoying it so far. Never saw / played the video game, so going in blind, but like the style and how things interconnect. Also interesting to see Pedro Pascal out of his Mandalorian costume.

In other news, Survivor returns on Wednesday, March 1st, (Season 44) and they have released the list of new contestants. I have not looked at the list, and am doing my best to not read / see / hear anything about the cast. Call me old school, but I like to find things out by watching the episodes as they are released. Not interested on any kind of info or spoilers.

It is a bit sad, how Survivor and other reality shows has become such a media driven operation. When Survivor aired its 1st season in 2000, it didn’t feel like the any of the contestants were doing the show for any other reason then it sounded like a cool thing to do. As the seasons progressed, and Survivor became more popular, there were some contestants who felt like they were trying to use the platform to promote there career as a reality TV personality. Then as other types of reality shows started to air, there were places for want-to-be celebrities’ to go, and Survivor settled into a nice little niche of a sophisticated and serious show and players again started playing the game for the experience and not as a launching pad. This lasted a good 15 years. But now things have started to swing back to the dark times although not so much as the contestants, but by the production and outsiders who seem to think that the way to get more viewers is to make sure the show and contestants are pushed to social media, and heavily promoted. If your a Tic-Toc or YouTube star, come on in.

The funny thing is that this has been tried before and never seemed to generate the results expected. Form adding hashtags to the players kyrons, to having Jeff Probst read users Tweets during the reunion shows, it seemed to me to have more of a negative effect. The true fans just want to watch the show and be entertained regardless of who the contestants are or want to be

Also, it is getting a bit annoying seeing past contestants of the CBS Big Three (Survivor, Amazing Race / Big Brother) out there campaigning and promoting themselves to return to the show they were on, or one of the others. While I did enjoy seeing some of the contestants come back for multiple seasons of Survivor, or go on The Amazing Race, those contestants had the charisma and likeability that made them fan favorites. Most of the contestants are just average, and somewhat forgettable. There is nothing wrong with that, and in fact its a good thing that allows the show to move forward and evolve instead of hanging on to the past.

I will continue to apply to both Survivor (as my self) and the Amazing Race (Along with both my sister and my daughter who would bot make excellent team mates) until I hear back. As the top of my blog states ” Because the world (and certain Reality Shows) need an average guy”

Thanks for reading and listening to me rant a bit. Will be back soon with a more positive view of things

Average Andy


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