Survivor / The Amazing Race recaps plus random thoughts on a Rainy Friday

Both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” ended there latest seasons last week and both did not disappoint, While the Amazing Race took a while to gain its footing (thanks to it being pushed back an hour for failed experiment of “The Real Loveboat”), I ended up really enjoying the places and challenges the players saw and completed during their race around the world. I did enjoy most of the teams and was happy with the final 3 teams that got to finish the entire race.

I though it was funny that in countries where they don’t speak English, the contestants would always default to trying Spanish. And then when they were in Spain, they defaulted to trying English. Also the more I watch The Amazing Race, the more I realize how little is taught in American Schools about foreign countries. Its cool seeing most people around the world speak at least a little English and being hospitable to the contestants. I can only imagine what would it be like if a bunch of people from a different country were running around American cities asking for help in their native language?

Congratulations to the winners Clair and Derek for running a great race, playing hard but keeping it fun along the way. Was well deserved. Looking forward to next season. While I have applied religiously to be on Survivor (sending in applications each year, I have sent some applications in for The Amazing Race as well – Both with my sister (who lives down south and we don’t get to see each other as much as we should), and my daughter who recently graduated from college and it would be nice to spend some time with here before she goes on with her own life). Hopefully we will get chosen one day as I feel either of them would make a great team.

As a sat down to watch a season finale of Survivor for the 43rd time, I again realized how much I love the show and how it has now been part of my life for over 20 years. I can remember times coming back from vacation when the finale was on a Sunday night, and then watching the 3 hour finale till early in the morning to make sure I saw it. I can truly say that I have never missed an episode in all 43 seasons (although there have been times when I had to watch it on a VHS recording, my DVR, and On-Demand, but don’t think I was ever more than 1 week behind at any point.

I will admit that this season was a bit strange with a lot of the players sometimes coming across as too friendly and not as scheming and upset I would be if I was a contestant. But I seem to say that a lot of seasons. I guess I will really never know how I would feel or react until I am chosen as a contestant and experience the game for myself. When Jesse mentioned ‘imposter syndrome’, I could relate as sometimes I also have a hard time believing in myself and abilities. But I also feel truly motivated every time contestants say they didn’t know how much they were truly capable of and did things they never thought they could do. This keeps me dreaming of becoming a contestant and pushing myself past what I have been able to do in my 55 years. Its a scary though and doubt does penetrate into my mind, but watching Survivor year after year keeps pushing the doubt out and the excitement and motivation it. And for this I am truly appreciative

As far as this season, I was glad to see Gabler take home the grand prize. I will admit it made me happy to see an older person Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay contestants half his age. It was also interesting to see how the jury seemed to respect his honesty and thoughtfulness towards each and every one of them, with out sounding manipulative or degrading. Simply repeating personal information back to players and hoping it makes then like you more only works if its genuine and heartfelt, and not robotic. Gabler made the jury feel appreciated and important. One of the only other people who I saw this was Dr. Will on Big Brother. He was able to vote off people while at the same time having them truly like and respect him.

Big game for the NY Giants this Sunday night against the Washington Commanders. The winner will have a great shot at making the play-offs. Looking forward to the game and to see if Daniel Jones can finally come up big in a big spot. And the fact that I need to root for the Jets this weekend against the Detroit Lions and in 2 weeks against the Seattle Seahawks is what makes football exciting but mentally draining at the same time

One 10 days till Christmas. Should be pretty slow at work, so should have some time to get things that I have been procrastinating about done. Should also be able to listen to music (including the latest Marillion Web UK Christmas CD (received mine the other day and been getting one from the band every year since 1999).

Both Topps Bunt and Topps StarWars Card Trader will again be doing there 12 days of Christmas, giving away special digital cards free each day until Christmas. I really enjoy these apps and the special giveaways and promotions they do through out the year. Will try to post some pictures of the cards I receive.

Finished reading “Heat 2″ and really enjoyed it. Liked how the authors were able to intertwine the book with the original movie ‘Heat” that made sense and kept the feeling of the movie. Good job and I would recommend the book to fans Michael Mann and the movie.

I started reading “We Are The Night” by Matthew Quick. I actually won a free copy of the book on GoodReads a month ago and am finally giving it a go. Will let you know how it goes

As far as the NY Mets go. I am glad that Steve Cohen is open to spending money, but a little torn on the amount, as I was always hard on the Yankees, Dodgers and other times for simply spending as much as needed to ‘buy’ a championship. I always was more of a team fan and liked it when players were here for a ling time. Will be interesting to see if this spending spree works, or if in a few years it will be the same thing over again.

More to come

Remember to smile, think happy thoughts (even when things are tough) and listen to at least 3 songs a day.

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