Better Late than Never

Still having trouble motivating myself to write, but will continue to push myself to take some time and jot down things that caught my attention, or updates on the Television, Movies, Books, and Sports shows and events that interest me.

Hope everybody had a Happy / Healthy / Relaxing Thanksgiving. We traveled down to Delaware for a family Thanksgiving with my family, my parents, my sister, and my nieces. We have been going to my parents for Thanksgiving every year since they retired and having a traditional New England Thanksgiving Meal. During the break we got to watch the Giants / Cowboys game (tough loss for the Giants), the USA / England World Cup Soccer game (a 0-0 tie that kept them in the hunt), and a few movies (spent a lot of time debating on what to watch, and ended up with “Significant Others”, a weird but interesting to me horror / sci-fi film that others did not enjoy, and then “LoveHard” an much better and enjoyable Christmas movie and I would highly recommend it.

We also went to Schellville, a very cool Christmas Village / Marketplace sponsored by Shell Brothers. Was much cooler than what we were expecting (Food / Drinks / Shops / Roller Rink / Tubing Slide). Highly recommended if you happen to be near Rehoboth Beach DE, and want to get into or enhance your Christmas spirit. Tickets are free and recommended to keep the crowed under control.

Headed back home for another full week of work, before the Christmas Holiday starts to really kick in, and things slow down at the office, as project are put on hold, and people scramble to use up their vacation days. Will be taking a few days off myself to get things done around the house before Christmas. Unlike Thanksgiving, we head to my mother-in-laws house (5 miles away) for Christmas, to spend time with my wife’s side of the family.

Here are a few observations over the past few weeks

Enjoyed the finale of “The Walking Dead”. Looking forward to the return of “Fear the Walking Dead” and the numerous spin-off series that are coming. The Walking Dead Universe lives on

Really enjoyed the first season of Andor. Was a really interesting take on the Star Wars universe, and they did a good job with it. Looking forward to Season 2 down the road. First we have Season 3 of the Mandalorian in the spring.

Also looking forward the the “National Treasure” series coming up on Disney+. Really enjoyed the two Nicolas Cage movies and hope they can keep the story going.

Its been a tough few weeks for the NY Football Giants. First a bad home loss to the surging Detroit Lions, followed by a tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully they can get things going again this weekend at home against the Washington Commanders. Would be a good win, and get them closer to a play-off spot.

Congratulations to the USA Mens Soccer Team for making it out of the group stage and into the knock-out round with a 1-0 win over Iran. Was a very exciting game and was glad they were able to hang on. Next up is a 10:00 AM EST game on Saturday against the Netherlands. Lets hope they can keep the magic going.

Very sad to see the passing of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. She was a big part of the band and had a lot of the writing credits on the album Rumors, which is widely considered on of the best albums of all time. Its going to be tough going forward as most of the older classic rock band musicians are getting up in age (Christine was 79), and who knows ho much longer they can go.

Lehigh came up short against Laffayette (11-14) in the 158th game played between the 2 rivalries. It wasnt the most exciting game, but Lehigh did rally late and had a few chances to pull out a win

Finally – There are only 2 Episodes of Survivor 43 left. Its down to the final 6 and should be interesting to see who makes a move to stand out. Everybody has been pretty mellow this season, with nobody playing the role of the villain. I did see Jeff Probst again asking people to apply during a commercial break. Hopefully that means they are still casting and somebody will see come across my audition video and think “This guy would make a great contestant” I’m waiting for the call.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, and is getting into the Christmas and Holiday Spirit.

Remember to take time some time for your self (Listen to Music, Read a book) and to talk to family / friends / others in person instead of through texts



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