Thoughts for a Friday

All caught up with Survivor and The Amazing Race. Both shows have been great this season.

With Survivor, its interesting watching how things have changed the past few seasons. Seems to be more emphasis on bonding and relationships, and less on strategy. Players seem to be making moves based on feelings rather than what would be best for there game. Also players seem to be thinking to much (Like last week when Carla originally decided to not take the ‘beware advantage’, or this week where Lindsay became so convinced that she was the target, that she failed to see that she was in a good position going forward). Everybody seems to be playing to have a good time, and not playing to win. While I don’t think everything you do on the show should only about getting to the end and winning, or that you should play the game likes its a vacation and what ever happens, happens, there has to be a mix. Jeff is constantly telling people they need to make bold moves to gain respect but it seems most people recently look at bold moves as simply putting a bigger target on themselves.

This us just another reason I would love to be a contestant on Survivor. Sometimes it seems easy from home and while I believe its very difficult, I would love to see how I would play the game in reality. I’m hoping I would not get myself so paranoid and stressed out, that I fail to see the big picture and make the big move. Only way to know is to be a contestant and find out

As for the Amazing Race, its interesting to see how much more stressed out team are knowing there is no ‘non-elimination’ legs. Never noticed it much before, but maybe teams were a bit more relaxed, figuring that they always had a backup of it being a non-elimination leg. Like the new format and how its really pushing the teams. Was glad to see Sharik Atkinson decide to keep on racing and not quit and head home. Again, I’m sure that the Amazing Race is tough and can wear on you both physically and mentally, but I would hope that I could fight through all that and enjoy the opportunity to travel the world and experience all the places and challenges the Amazing Race has to offer

Big weekend coming up – Meeting some good friends for dinner, and then heading to the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. After heading home (an listening the start of the Giants game on the radio), should be home for the end of the game, before possibly be meeting other friends for a beer and wine paring dinner that look interesting. With the Mets being eliminated and no longer taking up my time (But believe me, I wish they were still playing), I should be able to find some time for a walk and meditation between all my plans

Will be back next week to update on how things went, with pictures of any promo and insert cards that I was able to collect at the Philly Show.

Its hard to believe we are already half-way through October already and the the Holiday Season will be upon us soon

Wishing the best to everybody. Remember to find some time to relax, to hang with friends and family, and to listen to your favorite music. Life is good

Average Andy


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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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