One Week until Survivor / The Amazing Race Return

One week from today (Wednesday, September 21st) both Survivor and The Amazing Race both return with new seasons. Really looking forward to both of these. I am old school so have been trying to avoid any spoilers or even information about the casts. I like to be surprised and not know much about the season until it premiers. Hopefully we get some good contestants and another great season of both shows. I am also looking forward to reading Dalton Ross’s weekly recap on Entertainment Weekly. Its a fun read, and he always gives some great insight. And hears hoping that they bring back the Ponderosa Videos of the jury members. Just like Daltons column, It was great to see things from a different perspective and I really enjoyed hearing how the game effected each individual

Also, Big Brother is coming to an end and will crown the winner on Sunday, September 25th. I got sucked in again and will be watching until the end. Really don’t have a favorite, but of the remaining 5 players, I would like to see Turner win

Was a great week for Average Andy’s Football Teams. The NY Football Giants trailed 0 -13 at half but somehow managed to come back and beat Tennessee by a score of 21-20. They did get a little lucky, but I will take a win any way they can get it after all the unlucky breaks they seemed to have the past couple of years. I know its only 1 win, but it’s such a different feeling after the previous years of always starting 0-1 and 0-2 and 0-3 and 0-…. and feeling like the season is over before we even get to October. Hopefully they can keep the winning vibe going this week at home against Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Pantheres.

And the Lehigh Mountain Hawks we able to pull out a 21-19 Patriot League win over Georgetown. Much like the NY Giants, the Mountain Hawks seem to have started every season 0-1, 02, … and it is great to get a win under their belt. They open their home season this Saturday against Richmond. Let see if they also can keep the winning vibe going this weekend.

The NY Mets are not playing their best baseball, but are still having a fantastic year and are still leading the National League East with 19 games to play. Hopefully they can get some things straightened out and hold on and win the division and get a 1st round bye. Its going to be a could of crazy weeks but looking forward to post season baseball at CITI Field

Still been getting out on walks and listening to lots of different music. Following up from my previous post, here are some more bands that I have listened to the past few weeks

Manfred Man’s Earth Band, The Firm, The Steve Miller Band, The Who, Boston, Billy Joel, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Heart, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Fish, The Outfield, Michael Shenker Group, Iron Maiden

Lots of good music and hopefully lots more to come

More to come



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