Writers Block Sucks

For whatever reason, I have not been up to writing anything lately. Lots of stuff has been happening. Big Brother is back – still watching after all these years. The Mets are playing their best baseball in years (sweeping a two-game set with the Yankees and putting the hurt in the Braves. I saw the movie “Nope” in the theater (In my opinion “Nope” was a nope). I also watched a bunch of movies on Netflix as well as the classic “Better off Dead” which finally showed up on Showtime.

I went to see Elton John on the “End of the Yellow Brick Road” tour with my wife and daughter (and her boyfriend). It was hot, but there was a nice breeze in the stadium (plus our seats were up in the third deck). Great show and glad I went

We had a backyard screening of my daughter’s senior thesis film she made for Pratt Institute with several friends and neighbors. It was a lot of fun, and we are going to schedule another one soon for the local actors and crew who could not make the first one

Went to Las Vegas for work (HPE Discovery Conference). I had an enjoyable time but was inside for over 90% of the time between keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and corporate sponsored parties. I did go for a walk one day and it felt good to be outside. Next time I go to Vegas, I will spend more time out exploring different hotels and attractions.

Returned from Vegas to a crisis as work, which had everybody working overtime and weekends to get things resolved. It was an interesting but fun 2 weeks of work, but everybody worked together and did their parts.

This is way more than I thought I was going to write. It felt good to sit down and write and hopefully this gets me back into a rhythm

Lastly, Its Survivor Audition Time again. I hope to submit my audition soon, and will write some stuff about the process and how hopefully this is the year that Average Andy makes Survivor

Peace Out

Average Andy


About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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