Survivor Recap – Everybody Lies

It always amazes me on Survivor (and Big Brother) when people get upset when somebody lies to them to help progress their game. Especially those who lie to everybody else to progress their own game. You would think going into the show, that you would understand that everybody is going to lie, and make your decisions not only on what’s best for your own game, but also on the assumptions that others are going to lie to better their game. So when somebody walks up to you and says “I heard your name being mentioned for tribal tonight”, in the back of your mind you need to be thinking if this is true or not before reacting.

Its also funny watching people think they are really smart and will try to outsmart people by lying and telling them they found and advantage or an immunity idol. This never seems to work. Once people ask to see the advantage or the idol, and you give an excuse, or try to come up with some story about how you want to keep it hidden, people see right through you, and now you become much less trustworthy, and a bigger target. While there are times to lie, you need to have it be part of a overall plan, and not just a desperate move to try and save yourself.

One of the many reasons I want to be a contestant is to see what really goes on between the tribemates before, during, and after Tribal Council. I’m sure there are lots of conversations and strategies thrown out that we never get to see on TV. Its just hard to believe that people don’t try to prove or disprove things that they hear and simple accept everything. I think I would always go up to people and tell them what I heard, and just ask them for the truth. Sometime being honest is better than lying

Going way back to early seasons of Big Brother, I remember watching Dr. Will nicely telling people that he was going to vote for them, that he was sorry, but that’s just the way it is. What was interesting is that people would thank him for letting them know as they were voted off and left the house. They were not mad at him, and even voted for him to win. Again honesty is better than lying.

Not to sad to see Hei go home. He fell into the trap of thinking he was making all the decisions and had an easy road to the finals. He forgot that its a game and everybody else is also trying to win.

The more I watch, the more I want to play – Not just for the money, or the adventure, but to experience the interaction with other people and see if its really that hard to read them to see if there lying.

AverageAndy (Future Survivor Winner)

PS – Was told its better to apply in the fall then now. Will need to verify this before sending my next application


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