Great Episode and some other thoughts

Really enjoying this season of Survivor, and really liked this weeks 2 hour episode. Even though you know what was going to happen, and have mixed feeling about the hour glass twist, the way the show played out, it was a great watch. Have yo admit, the show is always better when players I like survive for another week. I was rooting for Tori and was psyched when she won individual immunity. I also think Jonathan is one of the best contestants in a while, and glad that he stayed as well.

While I still think the hourglass reward is a bit to much (Not a big fan of any challenge, rewards, or advantages that are just random and the player / players have no control of their fate. If somebody gets blind sided, or becomes a target based on how they play the game and interact with the other players, then so be it. But if the outcome is just random (or manipulated like when they added the final 4 fire challenge and Christine Hofbeck got ousted after playing a great game, or when they allowed Chris Underwood to spend to much time with the Jury before reentering the game and getting cheap jury votes), it leaves a bitter taste.

I love how the game has evolved, and how they keep the players guessing, but you need to let the players determine the outcome, on there own, and not due to some made up twist. When the producers and Jeff Probst give me a shot, and I’m a contestant, I hope that I can be judged on my game play, and not be voted off due to something total out of my control.

Still, last weeks 2 hour episode was some of the best TV in a while and enthusiastically looking forward to see how this season plays out

The New York Mets have their home opener today after a solid 5 – 2 road trip to start the season. So far they look pretty good and as long as the bull pen doesn’t implode they should be able to remain a relevant team throughout the season. If players like Dom Smith and Jeff McNeil can have bounce back years, and new editions Mark Canha, Starling Marte, and Eduardo Escobar perform to their potential, it should be a fun and exciting season

Need to mention the passing of Gilbert Gottfried. A funny guy who was well know and respected in the comedy world, he will be missed. Getting harder and harder as people from my youth are passing away way to fast and way to young. Makes me realize how precession the time we have is,

Here are a couple of random songs that I though of today. They just make me feel happy

With the Survivor finale just around the corner, baseball being ack, and finally getting some nice weather on the east coast, its getting me fired up for a great summer of 2022. Wishing the best for everybody and remember to laugh and keep smiling.



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