The Good and the Sad

Will start with some sad news. Sad to see that Dave Chin, my old boss at NBCUniversal passed away on January 20th at the age of 44. He was a great manager and I really enjoyed working for him. He was very fair and stood up for me and the rest of our team. He is the 2nd person I worked with at NBCUniversal to pass away. Hearing this makes me appreciate family and friends that much more

RIP – You will be missed (David Chin (1977 – 2021)

Was a crazy weekend at home. My daughter who is a Film Major at Pratt University decided she wanted to film her Senior Thesis at our house so we hosted a bunch of film students and local actors for 4 days while they filmed throughout our house. Everything seemed to go well and my daughter seemed very happy how everything went well despite the snow storm that hit the east coast, as well as having to follow covid protocols (She spent part of here budget on rapid tests to make sure everybody was safe). Was expecting a big mess once the left, but everybody was very considerate and left the house in pretty good shape. They had moved some furniture around, as well as cleared out bookshelves of books and nick knacks. Might be a good thin as now my wife and I can go though things and get an early jump on spring training. My daughter is now back at school working on editing the footage they took.

We did get some snow (not as much as those closer to the coast) and its been really cold, so there is still snow and ice everywhere. Thankfully the roads are OK and I have been able to get to work.

I am working on my next Survivor video. Filmed myself on a nice walk over the weekend and hopefully will get it submitted today or tomorrow. Hopefully this time one of the casting directors or producers will like my video and ask me in for an in person interview. That is all I’m really looking for as I know once they get to meet me, they will realize I would make a great contestant and help Survivor to continue to be the best reality TV show on the air.

While I do believe in free speech, and your are allowed to say anything you want, you need to be aware that there are consequences. You are free to walk into a store or restaurant and start yelling that the owner is a jerk and is ripping everybody off. But the store owner also has the right to ask you to leave, and call the authorities if things escalate. You can also be held responsible if what you said causes lost sales. There have always been disclaimers on shows that state the opinion of the person talking does not reflect the beliefs of the entity hosting the show. And even with that, if you go to far, the show has the right to have you removed. Last night I heard somebody talking about the Neil Young / Joe Rogen story and said that because of the platform he has been given, Joe Rogen has a responsibility to the public, the same as a journalist has to not promote lies and misinformation. He can say whatever he wants, but must remember that his words do and will have an effect on a large audience and he can and will be held responsible for things that may happen.

Be sure the check out the Random Song of 2022 Tab. Its still a work in process as I am learning the best way to format things.

More to come soon



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