Things are Good

Hope everybody is doing well. Things are good here as we move away from the holiday season and into the beginning of 2022.

The Amazing Race is back, and its as good as every. Interesting to watch as the 1st 3 episodes take place before the COVID-19 pandemic so there is nobody wearing masks or social distancing. Liked how the mixed things up and everybody started from their home instead of all starting at one place (as a side note, I did go to the start of Amazing Race Season 30 at Washington Square Park, NY with my daughter in October 2017. Was really cool to see Phil and the teams as they started their journey around the world). I may need to submit an application for an upcoming race (with either my sister or daughter, depending on who would want to join me on a trip around the world).

I am also working on another Survivor video for the upcoming seasons. I need to find a way to convince casting that they want / need me to be on the show. I did read Christine Hofbecks’ excellent book Winning Conditions and am reading Celeste Headlees’ book We Need to Talk. Between these and a few others I am hoping I will be able convince casting to give me a chance, while being true to myself and getting them to see who I am and what I would bring to the show.

The Scorpions have a new album coning out in February. Its amazing that they have been around for over 50 years and still sound as good as ever. Here is a sneak peak at their new song Rock Believer being analyzed by the Charismatic Voice. You should check out her You Tube Channel.

I give the NY Giants a lot of credit for coming to the conclusion to part ways with the awful Joe Judge. He just seems completely lost with no feel for the game. Good riddance to him and his coaches. Hopefully the Giants will bring in a new GM and Head Coach who can bring some confidence and swagger back to the once proud organization. There is a difference between being bad, but having a plan for the future, and what Joe Judge and the Giants were (a bad team with no plan for getting better). Glad this season is finally over and I don’t need to torcher myself every Sunday until the fall.

I have been posting a random song of the day – I got to my I-Tunes library, choose songs, choose random and list whatever comes up. Check it out if you get a chance and lets enjoy a crazy mix of songs throughout the year. I do share my I-Tunes library with my wife and daughter so its a mix of all our favorite bands and songs as well as random songs that have been imported or downloaded over the years.

Talk to you soon

Anverage Andy


About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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