Quick update – Music I’ve been listening to

Was listening to the Marillion channel on Pandora and heard a song by the band Riverside. Looked them up on Apple Music and found out they are a Prog Rock band from Poland and have been around for a while and have a lot of albums.  I Decided to listen to a few and am really impressed. Will defiantly listen to them some more.

Glad to see that October Project has a new single out called Rage of Days.  Am I big fan of there early albums and its great to finally hear a new song.  Highly recommend you check out the song and then take some time a listen to their 1st two albums

Somehow I have seen a lot of posts / videos of songs by Canadian rock trio Triumph.  They have reminded me of what a great band they are.   Went back and listened to their “Sport of Kings” album.  Brought back some great memories of college as I has the cassette and must of listened to it a hundred times in my car (especially during a road trip with friends to the University of Vermont) 

Men Without Hats have a new covers album which includes a re-imagined version of “The Safety Dance” called “No Friends of Mine”.   I’m a fan of theirs and their “Pop Goes The World” album is one of my all time favorite albums of all time.  Good to see them still around and doing well

Other bands I have been listening to when going for runs / walks are Iron Maiden (Really like their great new album Senjutsu), Scorpions (They have a new album coming out soon),  Toto (Forgot how many great songs they have) and The Kinks (Don’t know why, but am hooked on the song “Come Dancing”)

Will try to keep track of and post more bands and songs I come across during the days and post them here.   

Go out today take a few minutes to tune out all the noise and bad news and put on one of your favorite bands or songs.  Really soak it in and you will feel a lot better.

Have a great Monday and the rest of your week



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