Survivor is coming back, plus what I have been doing

Saw that they have started work on the next few seasons Survivor (Seasons 41 and 42), after production was shut down for a year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Also saw that the CBS casting website was actually updated and they are taking applications for Seasons 43. As I’ve done for the pat 20 years, I will be putting together another audition video soon and submitting it to the CBS Survivor Casting department. Over the yeas, I have submitted VHS video tapes and DVDs, uploaded video to the CBS Site, and even attended an open casting call. Eventually somebody involved with Survivor casting will realize that I would be a great addition to the cast of an upcoming season of Survivor.

I think some of the videos I have submitted are really good and continue to hope that somebody who watches them will reach out and give me a chance. Once they are able to meet and talk to me, they will be able to see what I would bring to the show.

In the mean time, I am looking forward to the preview of Season 41 (hopefully in the fall) and will continue to watch and enjoy Survivor as long as its on

In other news, I always been a avid card collector (starting way back with TOPPS baseball cards when I was a kid, and then shifting to Non-Sports Cards (Cards based on Movies / TV) when Topps put out a set of cards for the 1st Star Wars Movie back in 1978. I have been collecting ever since, and have built up a pretty nice collection. I have also made friends with other collectors through chat rooms and attending the Philly Non-Sports Card Show twice a year. Unfortunately the last few shows were cancelled due to the Pandemic, but hoping there will be a show this fall as more people get vaccinated and things start to open up. During the down time, I got back into collecting baseball cards, and have become kind of obsesses with the 2021 TOPPS Series One card (epically the Yellow Walgreens cards). I never realized how many Walgreens Pharmacies there were until I started visiting them looking for packs of cards with the exclusive cards. At last count I have checked at least 6 Walgreens near my home. I have been able to find some cards, but most either are sold out, or are not carrying them. I have also been to 5 Walmarts and 3 Targets looking for 2021 Cards and have been lucky enough to find a few boxes. The chase to find cards has become almost as fun as actually collecting. I know I could always but cards on-line, but where’s the fun in that.

I have also been watching videos of Sudoku solves on the You Tube Channel “Cracking the Cryptic”. I fine if both fascinating and relaxing to watch Simon Anthony solve Sudoku videos. It usually take 45min to 1 hour for a solve, and is highly recommenced to anybody who enjoys solving the daily sudoku puzzles in the newspaper (Yes, I still get a newspaper delivered each day). Below is a link – Check it out, and subscribe to the channel for daily videos

Baseball is back. The MLB Season starts this Thursday (April 1st, 2021) and it looks like it will be a full 162 Game schedule (as apposed to the shortened 60 game schedule of 2020). Hopefully there are no issues with Corvid and the season plays out without any major issues. The Mets made some moved bringing in catcher Brian McCann and superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor. They also will be getting Marcus Stroman back after he sat out last year. They still have Jacob DeGrom as there number 1 starter, and if Pete Alonso can have a bounce back year, the Mets should be a decent team.

Looking forward to having games on during the week, and will be fun to watch

In other sports, I did not due to well in the NCAA Basketball Pools I entered this year (which is really nothing new). I will admit I did not watch much college basketball this season and did not really have much information to go with.

I’m currently between jobs as my latest contract (Data Retention Engineer with Bloomberg) has come to and end, so I will be looking and thinking of what to do for the next chapter of my life. I should have some more free time to write more as it does help to get the creative juices flowing and help me to stay productive and clear my mind

Stay safe and get vaccinated if your eligible

More to come

Average Andy


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