Sad days, and Big Brother All Star Winner

Been a sad few days.

First, the great Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90. Although he had been retired from acting for close to 20 years, he left his mark as one of the great actors of the time. From playing James Bond in the 1st James Bond movie “Dr. No”, to playing Harrison Fords father in “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade”, he starred in numerous great films as I was growing up. While most we big budget movies, he did show up in small films like “Time Bandit’s” and “The Highlander”. RIM Mr. Connery. Your craft will live forever and you will be missed

Here is a link to his IMDB Page:

Sean Connery – IMDB

Today I saw that Nikki McKibbin, who finished 3rd on the 1st season of American Idol passed away of a brain aneurism at the ages of 42. I was was an original fan of American Idol, starting with Season 1. I remember Nikki with here bright red hair and super outgoing personality. There are some people that you will always remember for whatever reason and she was one of them. RIP Nkki – You will always be remembered and will be missed

Nikki McKibbin (1978 – 2020)

Nikki McKibbin – Wiki

Big Brother All Stars ended last week with Cody Calafiorie being crowned the champion.   I really like this season and thought they did a great job of getting the show on the air during these tough times.   Cody was a deserving champion, but I am ready for an all new cast next  summer

Next is the Amazing Race, which started a  few  weeks back and is off to a good start.  Its really what I need to get my mind off of all the craziness going on

Staying away  for things, just a reminder that Tuesday is election day, and we will all watch and see what  happens and what direction the country goes going forward

I’m sure I will write something but may take a while


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