Lyme disease sucks, and a few other things

I started feeling strange last year and was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. Took a while for the doctors to figure things out as I didn’t have any skin rash or bulls-eye marks. Just felt very fatigues and had some pains in my arm and leg. Eventually somebody mentioned it could be lyme disease and I went and saw a specialist who comfirmed things. I never knew there multiple strains of lyme disease and different types of medicine for them. I was given medication and it has helped but almost a year later I still have some lingering effects. Add the Lyme disease to the ongoing threat of Covid 19 and its been a rough year so far. I’m getting better as the days go on and hopefully will be able to feel like myself again

Very sad to hear of the passing of Charles “Chuck” “Thor” Seldon a few weeks back. Growing up, he lived a fee blocks up the street from me, and we went to the same Elementary, Middle, and High School. He was a very nice person. I would run into him over the years, mostly at high school reunions, and it was always fun to catch up on things. He will be missed

Charles “Thor” Seldon (1967 – 2020)

Big Brother All Stars (Season 22)” is back, this time its Big Brother All Star’s.   The season was delayed due the ongoing pandemic but they managed to quarantine the contestants and the crew to try and keep everybody safe.  there is no live audience for the evictions,  but so far it’s been fun to watch

I have also been enjoying “Tough as Nails“.   Phil Keoghan returns to CBS with an all new reality show featuring average people.   Its been fun to watch and I like the concept of having both team and individual challenges.   It’s a good tie over until The Amazing Race returns in the fall.   Its taking the place of Survivor which has been put on hold due to the pandemic and hopefully will be able to return in the spring.

Baseball is back and I have been enjoying watching the Mets play.  Its is a bit strange with no fans (I like the cardboard cutouts), and the piped in crowd noise, but I have gotten into the games.   Funny how I went from not missing baseball to yelling at the screen and sending / receiving texts from friends.   I am interested to see if I get the same feelings when the NFL returns.   As for the other sports,  I have enjoyed watching golf, and looking forward to tennis.

I will write some more soon, including some thoughts about the card collecting I have been doing while stuck at home and  self distancing.   Picked up some new cards, and sold some on e-bay to help pay for things.  Also been listening so some interesting podcasts

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