Gary Lee Cavagnaro (Bad News Bears)

Came across this video while looking for some of the cards to complete the Panini Golden Age Bad News Bears insert set that was released in 2013

Some of the cards are hard to find (minis and white borders) but hopefully some day will be able to complete the set.  If anybody does have any of these cards, reach out to me and maybe we make a deal


White Border:  146, 147, 148, 149

Mini:  (Red): 148, 150, (Black): 148, 149, 150, (Purple) 148

And as I have mentioned previously, any info in the current status, or whereabouts of actor Chris Barnes who played Tanner Boyle would be truly appreciated.    Still is one of my all time favorite character from a movie and would like to be able to tell him ho much Bad New Bears and his character have meant to me.


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  1. Anonymous Poster says:

    Chris Barnes has been a producer and director
    For over twenty years now. He’s usually credited as Christopher J. Barnes or just Christopher Barnes. He’s married and has a grade school aged daughter. He and his wife split their time between LA and Park City, Utah. He tends to shy away from discussing Tanner Boyle. Some people who know him say he has regrets about playing such a bigoted character. Here’s a link to his work behind the camera:


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