Survivor, The Rise of Skywalker, and lots more

Season 39 of Survivor (Island of the Idols) ended last week with Tommy Sheehan Outwiting, Outplaying, Outlasting all other contestants and taking home the 1 Million dollar prize.  While I really enjoyed this season (despite the issues regarding improper touching by one of the contestants who eventually got removed from the show), it was a bit of a letdown when another nondescript, uninteresting person in Tommy somehow managed to convince the jury he should win.   Not as bad as last season where Chris Underwood one despite not even being on the main island for more than half the season.   I will always be a big fan, and still enjoy the show, but they need to find a way for interesting, charismatic and remediable people win the game.   Not to take anything away from any of the winners, but I used to be able to remember and name most of the winners.  Now I look back at the past few seasons and think “I kind of remember that person, but have no really memory or feeling of them”.

I like the Island of the Idols concept,  and enjoyed seeing Boston Rob and Sandra give their challenged to the players who were sent to see them. I feel they could bring this back in future episodes with other favorite players coming  back.

All in all, this season was a slightly above average season.   I am looking forward to next season (Season 40) whit all past winners competing for 2 Million Dollars, but have to admit, it is getting  a bit stale when players are now on for their 4th, 5th, and 6th time.

I will be submitting my next audition video for the upcoming seasons with the hope of eventually showing Jeff Probst, the Casting Directors, and the rest of the Production Crew that they need to get me on the show to bring some new blood to the show so that it can remain relevant for another 40 seasons

As far as Star Wars – The Rise of Skywaker – I saw it on opening night to keep my streak alive of seeing all the movies on their opening night – except the original Star Wars IV – A New Hope – which I saw at the Wellfleet Drive in on Cape Cod soon after it opened.   I went in with an open mind and really enjoyed it.  I have been a fan from the beginning and enjoyed all of the movies (some more than others).  I take them for a ongoing entertaining story with lots of great and interesting characters.   I really don’t consider this the end of Star Wars, but more like the end of chapter in a very long and ongoing book.    Just like life just doesn’t come to an abrupt end,  but just continues.

I will definitely  need to see the movie again (might try to catch it in the theater in a few weeks) to get a true feeling.  I enjoyed the story and the main characters, but do think throughout the new trilogy, they have added to many new or bit characters that really did not add much to the story.   In some cases, smaller and simpler is better

In other news, I have to admit I really like the new Harry Styles record.  My daughter has been playing it a lot, and it has really grown on me.   And it seems like I am not alone

Harry Styles “Fine Line” album Number 1 on Billboard 200 Chart

Its very refreshing to hear some new music that changes things up and is not just the same as everything else that sounds all the same to me.

In sports, the New York Football Giants won their 2nd game in a row after losing 9 in a row.  I’m happy that they are winning some games, but also hoping they don’t take these last few wins as blue print for next season.  They need to get rid on Coach Shurmur and bring somebody in who can take the team (which has talent) and give them a identity and focus and a winning attitude.

And finally,  Mike Francessa of WFAN signed off of his afternoon slot for the 2nd time in the past 2 years, but this time I think he will be off for good.  He will still be doing a 1/2 recap show each day and looking forward to listing on my way home from work.  I really enjoyed listing to him for the past 30 years and think he was one of the best.

Have a happy and safe Holiday season and Happy New Year

Looking forward to writing more in 2020

Average Andy


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