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Another Monday, and we are talking about another NY Giants loss.   For the past few NFL seasons the only thing that Mondays have brought have been a deluge of posts and rants about how bad the NY Giants are and that they need to make changes.  Fire Coach MacAdoo (Done), Fire GM Jerry Reese (Done), Trade  Odell Beckham Jr. (Done),  bench Eli Manning (Done).  Now it’s fire coach Shurmur and GM Dave Gettleman.   What a mess this team has become.  Other than 2016 when they went out and spent a lot of money on defensive players (who all had All Pro Years), the Giants have been a below average team since 2013.  Mike Francesa of WFAN summed it up when he stated that the NFL is designed for teams to be average (7-9, 8-8, 9-7).    If your better than that you are a good organization, and if you are worse than that, then you are a bad organization.  For the past 7 years the Giants have been a bad organization.

2019  2-8      3rd — NFC East
2018  5-11    4th — NFC East
2017  3-13    4th — NFC East
2016  11-5    2nd — NFC East
2015  6-10    3rd — NFC East
2014  6-10    3rd — NFC East
2013  7-9      3rd — NFC East

I am not a big fan of coach Pat Shurmer and feel the Giants should fire him sooner than later.  My biggest concern is that under him, the team has no identity; No Spark; and no Desire to win.  They are just a Blah team.    They have as much talent as most other teams and need to bring in somebody who has some passion and can help get the Giants out of their current situation.   Why waste the rest of this year, and then the beginning of next year (I just cant see them turning things around with coach Shurmer) before making a move.   The best owners (of Sports team and business in general) know when to admit they made a mistake and things are not working, and make a change.

The New York Mets made a change and hired Carlos Beltran Mike Francesa as their new manager.  While the team played hard and had a good season under Mickey Calloway,  much like the Giants, the the team just had a blah feeling and needed to change the culture. Hopefully by bringing in a popular player and proven winner in Carlos Beltran, the Mets can ride the talent the have towards a winning season in 2020.   I am on-board with this hire and with the pitching  (Cy Young winner Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard , and Marcos Stoman) and young talent (2019 Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil) they should be able to be competitive.

Last but not least, want to mention that I really enjoyed the series finale of “The Affair” last week.   The Showtime series ran for 5 years and I am sad to see it end.   I stumbled across the trailer after watching Homeland, and though it looked interesting.   After the 1st episode I was hooks and I looked forward each week to see where things were going and how messed up the characters could be.   I thought the show did a great job of portraying average people and I started to really care about the characters.  And after 5 years, the finale did a really good job of showing that although life can be messed up for everybody, there is hope that things work out in the end.

Spoiler for those who have not seen the show and plan to watch it at some point

Here is the final scene of the show with Fiona Apples version of the Water Boys “The Whole of the Moon”


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