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Very sad to hear that a co-worker of mine at NBC, D’Jamison Jensen passed away on August 10th at the age of 46.  We were on the same team and talked and ate lunch together for 5 plus years.  He was laid off from NBC the same time I was let go and we kept in touch throughout our search for a new jobs.  He was a nice guy and will be missed.  RIP Jamie

Don’t know how to feel about the NY Mets firing their Manager Mickey Callaway a few weeks back.  I will admit the he was not a very good manager during his 2 years and at times looked flustered and made many head scratching decisions.   But I did happen to hear him on WFAN with Mike Francesa after the season (before he was let go) , and he seem to have finally figured things out.  He sounded more confident than he had in his 2 years and seemed really excited about the team and it potential in 2020.   Not sure where the Mets are going for their next manager, but hopefully its somebody who can work with the pitchers and young talent to get this team to the play-offs.   I’m looking forward to 2020

On the other hand, I don’t want to be negative, but I would not be upset if the NY Football Giants fired there current head coach Pat Shurmur.  The team has been a mess the past couple of years, and I do not feel Pat Shurmur is the person to get things straightened out.  He failed as a coach at Cleveland, and so far has not done much better in NY.  He makes way to many excuses, and while I understand the team needed to move on from Eli Manning, and move forward with Danial Jones, coach Shurmur seems content to lose and then blame things on having a rookie QB.   I always root for the Giants to win, but am really torn as if they win, then coach Shurmur stays.   Lets see how things play out the next 4 weeks before their buy.

Yesterday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their 2020 Nominees

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020 Nominees

If I had to choose 5, here are Average Andys picks

Pat Benatar
Judas Priest
Dave Matthews Band
Todd Rundgren
The Doobie Brothers

Honestly, while I congratulate each of the 16 nominees,  I had a hard time even coming up with my five picks.   Other than Pat Benatar and Judas Priest, none of the others really jumped out and excited me.  I like some of their songs, but am just not feeling that they are among the best of the best.  I do wish the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voting committee would give a little more thought to so called Corporate Rock Bands  (Boston, Styx, Foreigner) or so labeled 80s Hair Bands (Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Dio), rather than continuing to force bands like Kraftwerk (6 times) or MC5 (5 times)  out there year after year.   And they need to go back and nominate people like John Denver and Dolly Parton, who had huge influences in the 70s.

I mentioned last time I really enjoyed the new BH90210 series on FOX.   I though it was genius on how they revived the show.   If you were a fan of the original 90210, you really should check this out.  Its a bit strange at the beginning, but once you buy into what they are doing, it really works and was really enjoyable

We are 4 episodes into Survivor, and I love the Boston Rob / Sandra take.  It really works and make for some great insight.  I can see them bringing other fan favorites back in the same way in future seasons.    Plus there is no Exile Island this time, and once you are voted off, you are actually out of the game.    No real favorites yet, but I would love to see Tom Laidlaw do well.  I do remember him as a member of the NY Rangers in the early 80s and it would be cool if he went far.

Tom Laidwaw – NY Rangers / Survivor

Just a reminder that the 71st Philly Non-Sport Card show is this weekend in Allentown, PA.   I will be attending on Sunday and hope to pick up some cool stuff.

Philly NonSports Card Show

More to come

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