Good Bye Chewie

Very sad to see that Peter Meyhew passed away.    He was the actor who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies.   His skills were able to make us believe that Chewbacca was a real life character and not just somebody in a suit.   He brought a warmth to the character that made fans (myself included) truly care for him and he will be trully missed

As a non-sports card collector, I have collected cards of Chewbacca going back 40 years to when Star Wars 1st came out.   Topps began putting out Star Wars Cards in 1997.  Back then, the cards were just pictures of the characters, some with wording on the back.   As card collecting evolved and expanded, cards with autographs became popular, and Peter was always willing to sign cards for Topps.   There are also sketch cards drawn by talented artists of Chewbacca available as well

As the years go on, and I get older, more and more actors / musicians /  authors / artists who influenced my life will start to pass away.   I hope I am able to take a minute each time to acknowledge them and thank them for the small (but important) part they have played in my life and the thank them for it

Rest in Peace Mr. Meyhew, thanks, and you will be missed

Average Andy

P.S. – I will be attending the  70th Philly Non-Sports Card Show this weekend in Allentown, PA.

70th Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Not sure if I will be picking up much this time as I am still looking for a new job so funds are a bit low, but will get to see some fellow card collectors, and see what new stuff has been recently released.


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