Thank you to Marillion

Since first hearing the song “Kayleigh” off of their classic album “Misplaced Childhood” back in 1985, I have become a lifelong fan of the group “Marillion”    Their albums and songs have become a huge part of my life, and I want to thank them all for this.  Starting with original singer Derek Dick (Known as Fish), current singer Steve “H” Hogarth, along with band founder guitarist Steve Rothery, and longtime bassist Pete Trewavas, keyboardist Mark Kelly, and drummer Ian Mosley, their music has touched my heart and soul for well over 30 years.

I should have know they were special and would become a part of my history when I played “Kayleigh” to my then girlfriend (and eventual wife) and she actually knew the song and even quoted some of the lyrics.

Over the years, I have seen the band perform a dozen times, traveling near and far to catch them each time they make the trip from their home in England to the United States.   Some of my best memories have been going with friends to seeing them play.  I was there when they played the Ritz in NYC the day Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson.  They had the  fight on a big screen, and as soon as it ended, the screen went up and the band started playing.   I was there both nights at the Irving Plaza, including the night Steve Hogarth’s keyboard collapsed and he ended up playing Mark Kelly’s keyboard backwards.  I even took a trip to Atlanta to see them when they toured the US after playing on the “Cruise to the Edge”.    Those along with seeing them in New Jersey (Asbury Park), New York State, Pennsylvania and Connecticut are all memories I will never forget.

Marillion – Wilipedia

Marillion was also the originators of crowd funding back in 1997, asking fans around the world to pay for their new album before it was even started.    It was a huge success for the band and allowed them to record and album and tour the US

Marillion – Crown Funding Pioneers

Always thinking of the fans,  Marillion put on “weekends” every 2 years where they play for 3 nights, playing special sets including one of their albums in its entirety

After 14 Studio Albums, the band is still going strong, and hopefully has many more years of making music.   And I plan on being there with them on their journey

So big thank you the the current band, all the past band members,  band manager Lucy Jordache, as well as all the producers, technicians, crew members, and anybody else involved in the band over the years for allowing Marillion to continue to exist and create new music and memories

Also a big thank you to Fish and his band for his excellent solo work once he left the band back in 1989.   I am grateful for his music as well and hope to see him one last time before he retires in 2020

And a special thank you to Mark Wilkinson for designing all the classic Marillion and Fish album covers (See below).

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PS – hope to attend a Marillion weekend or a Marillion Cruise in the future, but will settle for a US tour


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