Open Thank You to The Amazing Race

Following up on my previous post, I would now like to thank everybody involved with the show The Amazing Race.   Just like Survivor, The Amazing Race has been a part of my life the last 20 years and I appreciate all the work everybody does to make the show a success.   From the great host Phil Keoghan, to Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri, and all the other Producers, all the hardworking staff and crew, and every other person involved in the show, Thank You for all your work.  And thanks to all the contestants who signed up to let the world watch them take an adventure of a lifetime.

As with Survivor, the Amazing Race IMDB page lists pages and pages of people involved in the making of each season, from the camera crew to the editors, to the incredible cinematographers who bring the teams adventure around the world to life.  Thanks for all the time and effort to make me feel like I am traveling right along with them.

And thanks to all the people behind the scenes.  I am sure there is lots of planning and coordinating that goes on to make sure everybody is safe and cared for as they travel from country to country

I have been a huge fan since the first season, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning about the amazing things the world has to offer.   Seeing places that I never new existed, as a well as different (and mostly positive) takes on familiar places, the Amazing Race has opened my eyes to the world, and made me want to experience all it has to offer.

I have read Phil Keogans book “No Oppertunity Wasted”, listened to his “Buckit” podcast, and even met him in Philadelphia near the end of his cross county bike ride.   The amount of positive energy and excitement he has for life has kept me going during the good and bad times over the past 20 years.  For that I would like to personal thank him

As with Survivor, my daughter has become a big fan, and we were fortunate enough to make it to Washington Square Park in NY City for the filming of the start of Season 30.  It was a great time and a memory I will not forget.   Thanks to all the crew and staff and security as there were lots of people around.

I have applied the The Amazing Race a few times with my sister (Feel we have a great story and would make a great team).   And would think about applying  with my daughter if there is another parent / child season.  To have the opportunity to travel around the world and actually experience things in person should be on everybodts’ Bucket List, and to do it as part of the Amazing Race would be a dream come true

Since seeing it on the Amazing Race 13 and 22, I have always wanted to travel to New Zealand and have bastard burger at a Burger Fuel.

Burgerfuel – The Bastard

It would be extra special to do this while on The Amazing Race and be able to experience this with Phil Keogan himself

So in closing, thanks again to everybody involved with the Amazing Race and hope to see you in person to personally thank you on a trip around the world


PS – Not one to complain, and I will still be watching due to the overall brilliance of the show, but I am not the biggest fan of any so called celebrity edition of either Survivor or the Amazing Race.  There are plenty of interesting people and fans of all levels who are just average people looking for an adventure of a life time.   Eventually seeing players and teams return for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th Season becomes a bit demeaning and gives the show and almost elitist feeling.    The true essence and charm of both Survivor and The Amazing Race is to allow people to watch and dream of one day becoming a contestant.  If you take that hope away, then the show loses a little of what makes it special

AverageAndy – Because the world (and certain Reality Shows) need an average guy




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