Burnell Cotlon – Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Local Hero

If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out of Phil Keoghans’ excellent  “Buckit” podcast.  In this Podcast Phil shares his own BUCKiT list and asks his guests to share theirs. He endeavors to find out what motivated them to say BUCKiT and swerve off the predictable road, shed their inhibitions, break new ground, test the limits and pursue a life rich in experience

Phil Keoghan – Buckit Podcast

In the latest episode Phil talks to Burnell Cotlon.  Its an inspiring story of a Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Local Hero, and his passion of rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward Brick by Brick.   It was eye opening to hear that this area of New Orleans is still suffering 15 years after hurricane Katrina hit.   Burnell took it upon himself to open a small grocery store to help the few people who remain in this area.

Bellow is a short documentary from 2017 of his story, as well as an interview Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News



Burnells’ story also made its way to the incredibly generous Ellen DeGeneres in 2015 where she donated 3 new washing machines to his store as well as gave him a new car to use for local deliveries of groceries to the elderly.


I want to say thank you to Phil Keoghan for doing an episode on this incredible person,  and keeping his story alive.   It is incredibly sad that in the United States, one of the richest countries in the world,  there are still people suffering from Hurricane Katrina 15 years later.   But with people like Burnell, (and the generosity of others) there is hope for the Lower 9th Ward.



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