Jeff Kent checks all the boxes and deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame

While looking at the list of players eligible for the 2019 MLB Baseball Hall of Fame, I started thinking why some players are more likely to make it over others, regardless of their career statistics.

If you go strictly by statistics, Jeff Kent should be a sure Hall of Famer. But he is now in his 6th year of eligibility and it looks more and more like he will never make it.   Why is this?   Looking at his stats, he seems to check off all the boxes needed for the Hall of Fame

His 377 HRs are the all time leader for 2B
His 1518 RBIs are 3rd all time for 2B
His 2461 Hits and 1320 Runs are 11th all time for 2B

He had 8 seasons of 100+ RBIs
He had 3 seasons of 100+ Runs

He made the playoff 7 times, and got to the World Series with the S.F. Giants in 2002 

But for whatever reason, the baseball writers overlook most of this and simply do not think he has what it take for he the Hall of Fame. 

But they did vote in Craig Biggio, with 80 less HRs, 350 less RBIs and who never had a 100 RBI Season in 3 mores seasons then Jeff Kent. 

The one difference is that Craig Biggio got 3000 Hits.  For the Baseball Writers, this seems to override all of his other shortcomings and automatically gets him elected 

Jeff Kent – Baseball Reference

There are other players besides Jeff Kent such as Fred McGriff (10th Year) and Albert Belle (No Longer Eligible) who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, but for various reasons other than their stats will not be elected

Hall of Fame case for Albert Bell

So I ask – Why are some players more likely to get voted into the Hall of Fame than others?

And it’s not only true for sports figures, but also true for things like Movie and Music.  There are plenty of movies that check all the right boxes (Superstar Director and Actors, with a great story) that just do not connect with Academy of Motion Pictures (Oscars). Or there are bands with great musicians and songwriters, with songs that people love, that simply do not register with the Recording Association of America (Grammys)

What makes people and groups look at Superstar Athletes, Movies and Music and decide that while it checks off all boxes of what are needed to be one of the greatest, they still see some flaw that keeps them from giving them the highest honors. 

Does it have to do with a individuals charisma that subconsciously make people feel just a bit less towards them than others.  Or are there other reasons that make people care more about a person’s perceived personality or attitude, and overlook their talent or skill.

Just something to think about






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