Happy Thanksgiving to all

It’s been a while since I have written (other then some re-posts) and even longer since I have written about Survivor.   I have really enjoyed this season as the players have gone back to making bold moves to try and get themselves ahead in the game.  The past few seasons did get a bit stale as alliances were formed early and remained as the players without an alliance just sat back and got picked off one by one with really no resistance.   This season casting did a great job of finding players who were willing to cross boundaries and not just accept the  tribes they got placed on as a set group that they could never leave.   Also, they went and got some interesting people and not just game want to be famous people or  super fans who are really not that memorable.   In fact, I am having a hard time remembering the past few seasons winners (this from a fan from the beginning who use to be able to name all the winners from Season 1 onward).   The thing that makes Survivor great is the combination of the game and the charisma of the players.   When they find real life genuine people (starting with Richard Hatch, and following with the likes of
Rob Mariano, Benjamin “Coach” WadeOzzy Lusth, Parvati Shallow and countless others) who were memorable for their personality as well as their game play, they make the show so much more than just a reality show.  

I will always be a fan, watching each and every week, and will continue to apply until I eventually become a contestant and can see if I can become one of the many people who can call themselves a Survivor Champion.   

As far as other TV, there are a few new shows I am enjoying.   I really like “911” (I know, it really in its 2nd year, but I finally caught up so it feels like its new to me).  And I have to admit I am enjoying “God Friended Me” as a way to wind down after football on Sunday.   I am still watching both “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” event though the original is getting a little bit to strung out.   Thinking back, I liked the original seasons better just due to the smaller cast and more thought provoking episodes.  I am giving “A Million Little Things” and “Manifest” a try and will see how long they can keep me interested.

Its was a strange year for my sports team.   The Mets were done by the All Star Game and I hate to admit, but I did tune them out most of the 2nd half.   Then both the NY Giants and Lehigh Mountain Hawks got off to dreadful starts.   The Giants have sparked a little excitement by winning their last 2 games after their 1 – 7 start, and if they can beat the Philadelphia Eagles next, things might start to get a bit interesting.   And after getting blow out in most games this season, the Mountain Hawks did win 2 of their last 3 including beating Lafayette in college football’s most played rivalry (154 games and counting).   

I did get to the movies and saw both “A Star is Born”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.   I really enjoyed both these movies.   As a lifetime Queen fan, it was fun to see the band in its early years.  And it reminded me (and  by the looks of it, many others) how great a band they are, and the number of songs they have that have become part of musical history (besides the title track).

And finally, I finished listening to Season 3 of Serial.  (Serial Podcast).   As with the past seasons, they do a great job and found this seasons premice (a year in the Cleveland Court System) very fascinating and eye opening.   I learned alot about a subject I really am not familiar with

And I started listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast Broken Record (Broken Record Podcast)   I love everything he does (books, podcasts) and this is a great listen.   

Wishing everybody out there a happy and safe Thanksgiving – Be sure to find the time to spend with friends, family, and love ones.   Remember to cherish what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have or can’t control.   Life is precious so enjoy it as much as you can

Will be back with more soon  (reading some good books to talk about)

Average Andy


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