Amazing Race 30, Topps Bunt, and Golf

Happy New Year to everybody out there.   Hope you all got to spend time with family and relax and recharge for 2018.   I enjoyed some time of ang had a lovely Christmas at my inlaws and a fun New Years Eve at a neighbors

Wednesday, January 3rd brought the return of the Amazing Race.   I had gone to the live send of with my daughter last October in Washing Square Park in NYC and it was really neat to see the start on TV.    While I didn’t see myself close up, there were some long shots of the crowd where we were standing.   Was fun to see info on the teams, as we know nothing about most of them when we were there.   We knew Cody and Jessica were on this season.  We also saw Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus (who I recognized) hanging out by the starting line, and figured that Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion were NBA Players – Although didn’t know which ones)

I really enjoyed the episode and was happy that the NBA guys were not eliminated due to a technicality.    Was funny as I was watching with my daughter, and they showed Henry Zhang And Evan Lynyak (#TeamYale).  She looked at me and said – That’s a Vanck and Ashot (From Last Season) Ripoff.   See for yourself below

Looking forward to another great season.   Still find it great to see all the different places they travel around the world.   After 29 Season, it amazing how there are still so many places that they have yet to visit.

Been a fan of TOPPS Digital cards since the started a few years back and have been collecting them for Football (Huddle), Football (Bunt), Star Wars, and The Walking Dead.  While I don’t buy coins or crystals, I try to log on daily to get free coins.   These allow me to collect some of the sets – The best beeing Fans Choice.   Topps Bunt has started a new set of Fans Choice during the off-season of past greats.   It’s been fun to see who wins the vote each week.   Here are the 1st 8 cards of the set

Looking forward to the rest of the set as we get closer to Opening Day 2018

Finally, saw this video of Steve Jeffs setting the Guiness World record for the fastest Par 5 Hole of Golf.   I didn’t realize how far 500 Yards actually was until you watch him running down the fairway with the clock running.   Always find stuff like this interesting



More to come soon




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