30 Days hath September

Hard to believe it’s already September (where did the summer go?)

It been a bit different this year for me as the NY Mets never got things going and have we basically out of the playoff picture after the All-Star Game in July.   The past few years were spent watching (or at least listening) to most Met games on a nightly basis, as they were a good and exciting team fighting for and making it to the play-offs.   This year they have been hard (if not impossible) to watch.   These things go in cycles so hopefully it will not be to loon before they get things straightened out.   I think they do need to let Terry Collins go.  If it was me, I would have done it already.  If you’re going to get rid of him when the season ends anyway, why wait.  The team just doesn’t have any life or spark and some of that has to be on the manager.   Also the owners and GM need to take some blame for basically getting rid of anybody who had a attitude and replacing them with bland average players.   But this has been the way the Mets have been run lately.  If your fun or rock the boat, you are probably gone (regardless of the talent level).   Say what you will, but the fans liked Murphy, Duda, Granderson, Reed.

As the calendar changes to September, and baseball an afterthought, it time for some Football.  On the college side, The Lehigh Mountain Hawks open the 2017 season tomorrow against Villanova (quick shout out on the passing of Rollie Massimino – Sad to hear – Coaching legend Rollie Massimino dies at 82 ).   Hopefully Lehigh can build off last years success and return to the FCS Playoffs for a 2nd straight year  ( 2017 Bowl Subdivision Playoffs).   Looking forward to another great season,  finishing up at home for the 153 Meeting between Lehigh and Lafayette (College Football’s most played rivalry)

Then the following week the NY Football Giants start their 2017 Season on Monday night Football.    There is lots of hype and talk of how good the team is this year.  I try to avoid all the take and just want the games to begin and will see how things go.

Switching gears to Television, it’s getting near the end of another season of Big Brother.  I have been enjoying the season as usual.   Been fun watching with my daughter (who somehow has became a bigger fan than me).   Looking forward to see if Paul can pull off the win this season after coming in 2nd last year – He is definitely climbing the ladder of all time Big Brother players and has become one of my favorites

September brings  a lot of Series and Season premieres  and there are quite a few shows that I am looking forward to.

Survivor, Star Trek Discovery, Kevin Can Wait, Big Bang Theory (and the spin off Young Sheldon),  This is Us, the final season of The Middle (which will be missed), and Modern Family to name a few.  Im sure there will be a few disappointments, as well as some surprise hits not even on my radar.

Sad to hear of the passing of Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman from the 6 Million Dollar Man) –  Was a big fan of the show back in the day.  There was even some card sets released by Rittenhouse Archives, including autograph cards.


Richard Anderson






And finally, just want to mention the passing of my uncle Robert Adam of Toms River, New Jersey.  He was a great man, and always very friendly to me and my family.   Prayers go out to my Aunt Sandy, as well as my cousins Bobby, Alex and Marc.  I will alway remember my uncle working as a delivery man for Charlie Chips years ago and having tins of chips and pretzels around

Charlie Chips

That’s it for now.  Sorry I haven’t written in a while, and will definitely try to find some time going forward.   Have lots to say on a variety of subjects and hope you find what I have to say insterding

Enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend – Make sure to spend some time with family and friends and will talk to you soon





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