Bad News Bears Autos / Info

Still need a few more Bad News Bears auto cards from 2013s Panini Golden Age set

They show up on e-bay now and then, but are a bit to expensive for me at the present time.   Once I win Survivor, these (along with a few other cards that I have been watching over the years but cannot afford) will be joining my collection.

I am also still trying to find any recent info on Chris Barnes, the actor who played my favorite character of all time, the great Tanner Boyle.   He left acting after “The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training”, and has not been heard since.   Would just like to tell him that his character has made me laugh, smile and enjoy life for the past 40 years, and for that I am truly grateful.   Hope all is well Chris Barnes wherever you are and hope you are happy and healthy.


Have a great weekend



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