Been a while

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time.   Lots has happened over the past 2 months.  Spent a week on vacation in San Francisco and Los Angeles with the family.  Great time was had.  Stayed at an Air B&B in San Francisco and really got the feel of local living.   Then drove to Sequoia National Park for a night and then on to LA where we got to see my wife’s brother and his family.   The highlight as a trip to Disney Land where they are celebrating Star Wars.

Here is a video my daughter put together of the trip (My wife and daughter actually spent some time in Idaho before I met them in San Francisco)

Been busy at work.  They did some re-organization and laid off one of my team members.  Was a great guy and kept the mood fresh at work.   Hopefully hes able to find a new (and better) job.   We are now down to 2 people on the team (and between us we I have to train the new people on what we do).

Going to hold judgement on the NY Mets until after the next weeks games against the NY Yankees.   After last years run to the World Series, this year feels a bit of letdown, but they actually have a better record then they did at this time.   Hopefully something clicks and they can go on a nice run to end the season.   They have a solid team, just need to put together a week of well played and well pitched games.

Really enjoying another season of Big Brother.   Don’t know why, but the show continues to suck me in year after year after year.

If you listen to Pod Casts, check out Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcome Gladwell- revisionisthistory

I really like his view on thing

Felt good to write this update and will defiantly write again soon




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