Survivor Recap

Its take me a while to come up with my feelings about the latest season of Survivor (Second Chance).   Its was a very entertaining season by each episode, but overall there was never a player that stood out to me, or one that made a big move that really changed the game.   Most of the blindsides were great to watch, but in the big picture really didn’t change anything.  The players who got blindsided were most likely going to be voted out anyway.    I bevel most of this was due to everybody being a returning player, and knowing the ins and outs of the game.  Most of the players in their Ponderosa Videos stated that the strategizing started right from the beginning.   There was never a point where players were trying to figure out how the game was played.   I think this ultimately took some of the fun and mystery away.

Was interesting on how Jeremy received all the votes to win.   While he did play a good game, he never made any big move, and really never stood out as somebody who was a great player.   At the end, it almost felt like he got the jury’s votes based on his speech about family.  Even Spencer admitted that after Jeremy’s speech at the last Tribal Council , that he felt he had no chance to win.

Loved watching the Ponderosa videos of the players after they got voted off.   Its interesting to see how some players really enjoyed the game, and the opportunity  (Really liked Keith’s attitude)  while others like Andrew Savage seemed bitter about being voted off, and never seemed to relax and just appreciate the adventure.

I’m really looking forward to next season with all new contestants (Including  Caleb Reynolds from Bid Brother).  Will be interesting to watch and really see the difference in strategies, since the season was filmed before this season was broadcasted and gave us the voting blocks

Was surprised at the end of the live reunion show when Jeff Probst mentioned that people would send him there audition tapes through twitter (and that he sometimes watches and replies).   Might eventually force AverageAndy to get a twitter account.

I have submitted many audition videos over the years (starting with sending in VHS tapes, and now the standard way through the website).  I also attended a open casting call a few years back.

In order to try and improve my chances I have been watching Dan Gheesling’s weekly podcast on Facebook.  He has lots of great information on creating and submitting casting videos.   I was seriously thinking of signing up for his video bootcamp, and get his opinion on my latest video

Dan Gheesling – Howtogetonrealitytv Bootcamp

There is a cost involved, so if anybody out there who wants to help me with the cost can send me an e-mail at and I can give you my paypal info.   Think of this as a low level campaign.    Would really appreciate the help and support.   Will even promise to mention you in a upcoming post.

More to come about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (have my tickets for Saturday and Sunday) and the big NY Giants / Carolina Panthers game this weekend.






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