Let’s Go Mets

The NY Mets play their 1st play-off game since 2006 tonight in Los Angeles against the LA Dodgers in the NLDS.    It’s been a great year for the Metropolitans and I’m psyched for the game.   I have to give Terry Collins credit for the way he handled the team this year (those of you who have read my posts over the past few years know I was not a big fan) and admit that I was wrong in wanting him fired.   He kept the team together during some rough stretches and has found a way to keep the team motivated and plating some good ball.   It will be interesting to see if the Mets bats can come alive after being silent the last week of the season, but everything re-sets once the playoffs start so we will see.   They need to at least take 1 of 2 in LA against Kershaw and Greinke.


Switching gears, I have really been enjoying Survivor this year and love how they have mixed things up such as hiding the immunity idols at the challenges, and swapping the tribes after only a few days.   It has been fascinating to watch how each of the returning contestants have changed or not-changed from their previous seasons.   Need to remember that there were no immunity idols until  Survivor: Guatemala (season 11) so they were never even an option for players like Kelly Wiglesworth, Jeff Varner, Andrew Savage, and Kimmi Kappenberg.   Also during the early seasons, people really didn’t form alliances, and if they did, they weren’t thinking about them right out of the gate.   Its also interesting to see players like Spencer realize they need to do things differently than the last time if they want to win.   Was king of bummed when Shirin got voted off, as I found here to be an interesting person.   Peih-Gee was kind of bland so no big loss.   Will be interesting to see how things play-out.

Haven’t really picked a favorite for The Amazing Race, but was upset when Alex and Adam were eliminated.   They seemed like nice guys and real people.  Have to admit that there are a bunch of phonies this season (The TMZ team that got eliminated 1st, the Reporters, and the The Paparazzi) that really don’t interest me.   Have always liked the average people who are on the show for the adventure, and not as a way to get some publicity.

Been busy so haven’t had a chance to see the premiere episodes of The Leftovers, Homeland or The Affair.   Between the Giants playing this Sunday night, and the Mets Play-off games, thank God for the DVR as will most likely be a few weeks before I have the time to catch up

Also the Season 6 preview of The Walking Dead is this Sunday, so will need to find some time to squeeze this in

Only 1 week to the next Philly Non-Sport Card Show in Allentown PA.   Looking forward to the show and hopefully findings a few things to fill some holes in my sets.  And as always will check out the going price for the William Shatner  / Leonard Nimoy Dual autograph card  from the Star Trek 35th set by Rittenhouse Archives.   Top card on my list, and would be the 1st thing I buy after winning Survivor.

Kirk_SpockHope all is well and will write some more soon



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