Live Long and Prosper – RIP Leonard Nemoy

A part of my childhood has left us today as Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy) has passed away.  A very sad day for Star Trek fans as we say goodbye to one of the greats.   Will always have fond memories of watching Star Trek after school on WPIX 11, and the excitement of going to see each new Star Trek Films with friends.   Thank you for the memories

My Nimoy was also  very popular to Non-Sports card collectors,  signing cards for numerous Star Treks sets that have become highly sought after.

Her are a few of his signed cards  (Love the Dual Auto with William Shatner, and hope to own one some day)

Kirk_Spock spock

He also appeared in other shows such as FOXs Fringe  and had a long running show of his own in the late 70s / early 80s



Live Long and Prosper Mr Nimoy.   You will be missed


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