Baseball and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Baseball named Rob Manfred as it’s new commissioner to replace Bud Selig.    I am hoping that he brings some new and exiting views and visions for the game.   Bud Selig’s time has passed and it was time for him to go.

I think the comparison of baseball to Blockbuster (and Bennigan’s, Channel, and Rickle for those of you in New Jersey) has some merit..  All companies who were doing well, but failed to react to the changing world, and eventually went out of businesses.   And it wasn’t hard to see or hear why.   Blockbuster held on the the block and mortar concept while other companies saw that the world was moving on-line and reacted early to stay relevant.  And ask anybody about Bennigans and you heard how their restaurants reminded people of a time warp and looked like they haven’t been updated in years.  This drives people out.  There are a few restaurants near me that still have old Tube TVS in hanging wooden boxes, and red and white checkered tablecloths.  Event though the food is good, the experience feels old and stale.   My money is on them not being around much longer.   The world is changing and hopefully Rob Manfred will take steps to bring baseball into the present instead of keeping it stuck in the past. I know most people are afraid that he will simply follow in Old Man Seligs footsteps.   I’m going to optimistic rout and think that he will put his own stamp on things once he takes over in January.

I am fascinated by the ALS Ice Buck Challenge that has been making its way around the world on facebook (and now TV).   Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant.  Found something that all people regardless of income / age / race can do and feel like they are part of the solution.   Watching my parents, my sister and here family, as well as professional athletes,  politicians, actors, and CEOs of business all take part is truly amazing.   I read that ALS last year at this time had raised ~ 1 million dollars, while this year they are over 4 million and growing.   Hopefully all this generosity will eventually lead to a cure

More to write later today



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