Hard to believe how fast the Summer is going

Cant believe we are already in August. Looked up and the summer is almost over. I
have been busy and haven’t had as much free time to enjoy the summer as I would have liked, but should have made time to do more

I have seen a few movies (Planet of the Apes was the worst movie I have seen, but in a strange way I actually liked it). Also saw LUCY which I really enjoyed. Stranger then I though it would be, and the ending was a little silly, but the 1st half was very interesting and entertaining

I did have a great weekend with my sister and her family who visited from Virginia. We spent one day taking a tour and walking around Lehigh University (We are both graduates, and have kids nearing college – Where has the time gone). We then headed into New York City where we took a double-decker bus tour of lower Manhattan. Got to see the Naked Cowboy in times Square, the Freedom Tower (and the World Trade Center Memorial), take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (great views of the Statue of Liberty, and the Financial Distract). We tried to climb the giant stairs in Times Square (Where The Amazing Race started this upcoming season), but there was some sore of photo shoot going on, and it was mobbed. Finally we tried to take the kids to dinner at the hard Rock Cafe, but was over an hour wait. My brother-in-law saved the day by suggesting we head to Maplewood, NJ (Where Average Andy and his sister grew up) and take a short tour and then head to town and grab some pizza at the Roman Gourmet (still there and still some of the best pizza in the state).

As for other things, still enjoying Big Brother. every season the show hooks me in. Just the right mix of fun / stupidity / reality TV.

I just got caught up with “The Leftovers” on HBO. I am actually really enjoying the show (even though not much is happening). They have created a weird and interesting show about people and how they would react.

Find myself strangely liking “The Last Ship” on TNT. Though about this, and it is basically Star Trek on a boat in 2014. Really like the captain, the 1st officer, and the doctor, (Kirk / Spock / McCoy) but not sure if the rest of the cast is interesting enough (like Sulu / Uhura / Chekov). Will continue to watch for now as it has kept me interested enough

Will write a review of the latest book I am reading (Promise of a Pencil). Very interesting and a good read. Head about it when listening to the The James Altucher Show podcast. Great listen (both daily and weekly). James has a really interesting perspective on the world. Highly recommend you take a listen

I have updated my favorites tab with links to this an other Pod Casts / Sites / Videos that I and listening / watching and hope you check some of them out

Finally, been brainstorming the past week or so on ideas for my audition videos for both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and hope to get them done and submitted. May need to wait for some upcoming events like the nest Non-Sport Update Card show to capture some video of my doing things I enjoy to really show case myself.

That’s if for now. Hope everybody is happy and healthy and will talk soon



About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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