Friday in July

Hope everybody is enjoying the summer.

Not much on my mind today.   Getting ready to head down to Delaware for a few days.  Will be good to get a way and refresh my batteries.

Will give you a quick 1 liner for some things

TV – Big Brother – Still enjoy watching every summer

Sports – NY Mets – Continue to tease – Watch them loose 2 of 3 to the Marlins this weekend and the spiral again after the All-Star Break

Movies – Enjoyed “Edge of Tomorrow”,  will be going to see “Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes” – Hope its OK (didn’t really like the last one)

Books – Almost done with “Poseidon’s Arrow” – Another great Dirk Pitt adventure

Music – Enjoyed seeing Boston a few weeks  back.  Always put on a great show – Felt sad for Cheap Trick, seemed a bit  demeaning to be an opening band

Going to try and start taking some more pictures.    Might have to but a full subscription to Drop Box, or come up with someway else to save all the pictures on my i-phone.   Getting tired of having to delete pictures / videos / music every few days since I am low on space

Have watched some of the World Cup matches – not the biggest soccer fan, but do enjoy the games and find them entertaining.    Hope to catch some of the final game on Sunday if I get home in time.

See that there will be open auditions for “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” in Atlantic City in a few weeks.    Have plans so cant make it for Survivor  (plans can always change).   May need to make the trip for the Amazing Race.   Will let you know how things work out.  See there are some preview videos for the upcoming season.   As I have mentioned previously, I try to avoid all the on-line chatter as I want to be surprised as I watch the show.   This goes for movies and books as well.    I know this is the world we live in, but sometimes it get really annoying.   Everybody wants to be 1st to tell you something and don’t really  care if   they ruin your enjoyment.

One last thing – Wouldn’t it be great if some of these NBA owners grew some balls and said to LaBron and Carmello and others – “Here is our offer – Take it now of take a hike”  and then mean it.    Would be refreshing for a team to get a bunch of players who want to play for a team because they enjoy the city / area and not just who ever gives them the most money.   Never going to happen, partially because sports teams (and most fans) have to much of a entertainment 1st, winning doesn’t really matter attitude.   Get the big stars, get on ESPN, get on talk radio, get on and nothing else matters.   Will be real interesting to see how this generation remembers these players 20 years from now?   Will it be “He was one of the greatest (never won anything, but who cares)”, or will it be “What a waste of talent (and time and money)”

Enjoy life, and keep on smiling



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