Friday Afternoon

Writing at the end of another week.   Weather has been awesome, and suppose to be nice throughout the weekend.   Hopefully will be able to get some house work / lawn work done.  Also will be watching the Belmont Stakes on Saturday and rooting for California Chrome to win the race and the Triple Crown

Still kicking myself for not making it to Times Square in NYC last week for the live start of “The Amazing Race”.   Phil Keoghan set the teams off on the race at 3:00 AM EST.   Would have been a long night, but should have sucked it up and went.  Did follow along with the twitter feed (   People posted some cool pictures and videos.    Next time they do something like this I promise to be there.

Don’t know why I care so much, but am really pissed at the Met’s loosing 3 games in row to the Cubs.  The Met’s continue to tease everybody into thinking they are a contending team.  I am now longer fooled.   I say  (and have said before) that they should trade David Wright.   He does nothing to make the team better.   Trading him will give the team an new feel and new direction that is sorely needed.   And if you have no intention of keeping Terry Collins next year, let him go now.   I have read that it does nobody any good to keep somebody in a position if you really don’t want them.

Still working on my next Survivor audition video.   Going to try something a little different this time.  Feeling good this time – Everybody wish me luck.   I try to avoid all social media relating to both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” as far as spoilers and behind the scenes stuff.   In the past when I have seen stuff as far as who gets voted off, or who is in the final 3, it really ruins the whole viewing experience.  So makes things hard as I want to feel connected to the shows, and keep up with the world of social media, but don’t want the experience and surprise ruined.

Completed “Let the Devil Sleep” by John Verdon ( and really enjoyed it.   Looking forward to the next book in the Dave Gurney series – “Peter Pan must Die” which will be released in July.

My next book is the latest Dirk Pitt Adventure “Possidon’s Arrow”   Have read all of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels, and enjoyed them all.   Each new book feels like reconnecting with old friends.   Still have a few other books I want to read.  Hopefully will be able to find some time this summer to simply sit back, relax and read.

Hoping to see the new Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” in the next week – Hopefully in IMAX 3D.   Will give you a review as soon as I can.   In other movie news, I am in the same boat with the new Star Wars movie as mentioned above with regards to social media.  Want to keep up on all that’s going on with the making of the 1st new Star Wars movie in years (I am a huge fan of the original trilogy, as are most mid age men) and want to keep up with the making of the new movie.  But I want to be surprised when it is release next year and not already know every thing about the story.   I do like J.J. Abrams work (was a big fan of Alias;  not such a big fan of the Star Trek Movies).  I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he understands the feel of the original Star Wars trilogy, and doesn’t try to put a crazy new spin on things).  Sometimes old is better and there is now real reason to change an already great group of characters / story.

Finally,  had to purchase a limited addition 25th anniversary set of  “Major League” trading cards from TOPPS ( Still one of the all time best Baseball movies.  TOPPS has also released autograph cards for these, but the price range is out of my league for now.   Between this and the autograph Bad News Bears Cards that Panini put out last year, there are some nice cards that I would like to own one day (Will defiantly be mine once I win the title of sole survivor and the million dollar prize)

Well – that’s it for today.   Will write soon

Enjoy life and family and friends

Average Andy





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