1st Friday in October

Lots of new and exciting stuff to write about today

The Baseball Playoffs are underway.   Hopefully we can get some exiting games going forward (Even I have to admit, the 1st week has been pretty lackluster, other than the crowds and atmosphere in Pittsburgh and Cleveland).   Wonder what the record fo rthe longest stretch of play-off games without a save situation is.  Im rooting for a Pittsburg / Red Sox World Series.

The Mets continue to go down the wrong path.    Giving Terry Collins a 2 years contract extension means 2 more years of ho-hum and lackluster baseball in NY.    While other teams seem to have a plan, the Mets seem to think that they can just snap their fingers and somehow become a contender.    They had one of the word home records in the league (and have been simply horrible at home since moving to CITI field).    This is an attitude that need to change before things get better.   Keeping Collins, and focusing on David (the most overrated mediocre player in the league) Wright spells doom again next year

Happy to see that Bud Selig is finally stepping down as commissioner.   His time has passed.   Much like the Mets owners, he is to old, and out of touch with the real world.    Im sure he is a nice man, and wish him all the best, the Baseball, and the NY Mets need somebody young and relevant in the present time and not somebody who is stuck in the past.   Admitting you don’t use e-mail or other social media in this day and age just makes you look like a fool.    Baseball is still the best sport, and could thrive with the right person or people in charge (Mark Cuban would be a great choice for commissioner)

Attended the last to Lehigh Football games (both come from behind wins).  The Engineers / Mountain Hawks are 4 -0 this season, but it really doesnt matter.   They need to win the Patriot League in order to qualify for the FCS play-offs.    The team does have some spunk this year, so hopefully they can continue to roll and possibly host a play-off game for the 1st time

My NY Giants need to pick things up starting this week against the Philadelphia Eagles at home.   A win will calm everybody down and make them realize there are plenty of game left to right the ship.   I have confidence in Eli and the rest of the team

Switching directions, both Survivor and The Amazing Race have returned for the fall.   Really enjoying the Blood vs Water twist this season.    Interesting to watch how the loved ones are so over thinking things.   Over the years, it seems that the people who over analyze things, and get all involved in what ifs never seem to do well.  Sometimes you just need to follow the flow of the game where it takes you.   And I loved it when Jeff Probst  called out that fool Colton.   “Some people should not be here, and  should just stay at home on the couch”.    Although it did make me a little mad, as he has now been on twice and really doesn’t want to be there, while folk like me would LOVE the opportunity just once.  Come on Jeff,  Lynn, Mark (and all others involve in Survivor), give AverageAndy a shot and I promise not to quit, and guarantee you I will make one of the best contestants ever).

The Amazing Race is again off to a good start.   Still once of the best shows, and should be celebrated more for showing us here in the USA some great views and cultures  of the rest of the world.    Fun to have some contestants from AverageAndys home state of NJ (although casting a couple who suppository hates each other seems sort of a gimmick).    AverageAndy and his sister would make a great team  and represent the kind of team they are looking for.

Will report back later with thoughts of some of the new shows and returning shows.

Just want to give a thumbs up to How I Met Your Mother.   Have watched since the beginning, and looking forward to how the season plays out with Ted finally meeting his wife.  Thanks for the ride

Have had a chance to listen to the new Fish Album.    Its one of his best efforts in a while.  Still waiting for the deluxe version to arrive (was some production issues with the art work for the booklet).   Will post a full review (and possibly a video) in a few weeks once it is in hand

Will be going to see Gravity this weekend in  IMAX 3D.   Hopefully it can live up to the hype it has been receiving.

That’s it for now, but with WordPress installed in my new Iphone 5c, I should be able to post more often (and add some pictures as well).

Hope everybody is doing well, and getting ready for fall here on the East Coast

Keep smiling




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